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Global top Hide sticky threads Winners from "Against All Odds!" attach_img  ...2 ChannelRos The day before yesterday 03:14 92913 aw555a Half hour(s) ago
Global top Hide sticky threads 【Contest】Untold Stories! (Rewards) attachment  ...23 zero 2018-9-4 412168 syafiqnor Half hour(s) ago
Global top Hide sticky threads Recruiting RoS Special Task Force! 新人帖 attachment  ...23456..17 Viper88 2018-5-25 17217104 FlexiFinance 1 hour(s) ago
Global top Hide sticky threads Winners from "Survivor Cosplay Contest V2.0" attach_img  ...2 ChannelRos The day before yesterday 02:57 911066 016855037731 3 hour(s) ago
Global top Hide sticky threads 【Contest】Up, Up and Away! Parachute Design Contest (Rewards) attachment  ...23456..17 zero 2018-9-4 17437406 Acilardila Yesterday 20:54
Hide sticky threads Frequently Asked Questions (Please Read) Viper88 2018-8-6 02398 Viper88 The day before yesterday 03:30
Hide sticky threads Welcome to the RoS Forums (Please Read) Viper88 2018-2-22 025051 Viper88 3 day(s) ago
Global top Hide sticky threads Ban Appeals ChannelRos 2018-3-1 911352672 Con┼Cu 2018-9-11 09:42
Global top Hide sticky threads Reporting Cheaters ChannelRos 2018-3-1 0107536 ChannelRos 2018-3-1 02:10
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TOO MANY CHEATERS! 新人帖 New ROScheats12345 20 min. ago 210 0972238791 52 s. ago
I CANT GET MY REWARD IN THE BETTINGS 新人帖 attach_img New kora 1 min. ago 01 kora 1 min. ago
Cheater GrandMarshall Caught in the Act 新人帖 attach_img New profInfa12 10 min. ago 08 profInfa12 10 min. ago
Cheaters And Memory hacker New lolipopy25 6 hour(s) ago 341 Goodperro 12 min. ago
Diamonds scam 新人帖 Keonmacale 2018-3-21 2136 jerrygwaps123 Half hour(s) ago
Why ya'll crying about cheaters... New negromessiah 2 hour(s) ago 237 iamTurboYT Half hour(s) ago
Actual Facts New Imronss501 Half hour(s) ago 014 Imronss501 Half hour(s) ago
plss. banned permanent all cheater in pc asia 新人帖 New justinmagno Yesterday 00:07 143 kickass22 1 hour(s) ago
WTF IS HAPPENING THIS DAYS , TO MANY HACKERS IN GAME AND NONE IS GETTING BANN New 3rVis Yesterday 11:45 769 zned1011 1 hour(s) ago
Bank Robber Server Asia PC attach_img New DitoLangAko 1 hour(s) ago 012 DitoLangAko 1 hour(s) ago
Polls Suggestion to prevent many players from cheating "MANY" 新人帖  ...2 New JC™PH The day before yesterday 21:28 12117 negromessiah 1 hour(s) ago
Polls IP is the best Solution for Hackers!  ...23 Cliff1986 2018-9-8 32388 gelopascual1085 2 hour(s) ago
Damn aim-bots on Steam attach_img New Bozo98 Yesterday 18:14 432 negromessiah 2 hour(s) ago
Contest ! New Pajoo Yesterday 18:43 333 negromessiah 3 hour(s) ago
feel like theres a mole in the company that been helping the cheaters New Askmeplease 4 hour(s) ago 116 negromessiah 3 hour(s) ago
Polls Create new mode for grandmasters only New Spermazudin Yesterday 09:53 972 Spermazudin 4 hour(s) ago
Previous Items Question 新人帖 New Aetherflux Yesterday 17:19 226 juncas18 4 hour(s) ago
How to play custom matches as the owner of the room 新人帖 New Satxri 5 hour(s) ago 112 lightray01 4 hour(s) ago
Polls New Server and Ban System attach_img  ...23456..8 Sushiesaur 2018-9-6 73643 GreenDevil 4 hour(s) ago
Ros fashion design event attach_img  ...2 New Oppai08 6 day(s) ago 11104 Oppai08 6 hour(s) ago
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