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Hide sticky threads Frequently Asked Questions (Please Read) Viper88 2018-8-6 09517 Viper88 The day before yesterday 20:43
Hide sticky threads Welcome to the RoS Forums (Please Read) Viper88 2018-2-22 039355 Viper88 3 day(s) ago
Hide sticky threads Elite Survivor Update - Join Now! attachment  ...23456..24 Viper88 2018-10-17 24415237 J3sUS4lBuTri4 5 day(s) ago
[Ban Appels] i got ban 5 days without using any cheats please bring my acc back. 新人帖 New carldennis 2 min. ago 01 carldennis 2 min. ago
Important Notice, Dec 30th attach_img heatlevel  ...23456..19 Bullseye. 2018-12-30 2084549 MrSECURE 3 min. ago
False accusation of hacking mistakenly banned New jocelyn.sacatan 6 min. ago 01 jocelyn.sacatan 6 min. ago
got banned not using cheat 新人帖 New JODELGAMINGYT 2 hour(s) ago 114 KurtGabriele 16 min. ago
extend your New senpaibadmood 19 min. ago 02 senpaibadmood 19 min. ago
help pls.. 新人帖 New tjay123 22 min. ago 13 tjay123 20 min. ago
Ban Appeals? New khayelinrose 2 hour(s) ago 334 skiipy Half hour(s) ago
I got ban permanent why is this happening New TrapCrazymind 4 hour(s) ago 219 skiipy Half hour(s) ago
Ban for being a pro? 新人帖 New BlackDevil136 1 hour(s) ago 17 Mayjakull 1 hour(s) ago
ROS 新人帖 New ✡eugene✡ 1 hour(s) ago 210 Mayjakull 1 hour(s) ago
Diamond 60 Top up 新人帖 New viene.hipolito2 1 hour(s) ago 08 viene.hipolito2 1 hour(s) ago
Money,Credits heatlevel  ...2345 mastersay 2018-2-13 562451 halokhok 1 hour(s) ago
Fix the Blue House attic Bug New mikkan213 11 hour(s) ago 321 NightcoreSystem 2 hour(s) ago
New ROS cheat? attach_img  ...23 New UDie1sT Yesterday 21:00 21118 UDie1sT 3 hour(s) ago
BUGS I EXPERIENCED 新人帖 New pabspabspabs 3 hour(s) ago 08 pabspabspabs 3 hour(s) ago
Steam ROS rewards SenpaiNorbs 2018-9-25 081 SenpaiNorbs 5 hour(s) ago
I got ban without using any cheat New octets0916 5 hour(s) ago 09 octets0916 5 hour(s) ago
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