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ROS ULTRA EVENT (Question) 新人帖 New klow123 Yesterday 03:58 457 juncas18 Yesterday 08:35
UNFAIR LUCK  ...23 New bhaBEN The day before yesterday 04:30 25152 droppoint Yesterday 07:56
FIX THIS PROBLEM FOR IOS DEVICE ASAP New Danog Yesterday 07:44 019 Danog Yesterday 07:44
FPA SETTINGS QUESTION New Juwaaan Yesterday 06:04 330 MADJUDGE Yesterday 07:41
Incrase the deadline for training manual 新人帖  ...2 Zenitori 2018-11-24 1394 Juwaaan Yesterday 06:24
Why does my post keeps going to pending? New Oxandrolone The day before yesterday 19:29 547 exclusionist Yesterday 06:10
TIPS IN DEALING CHEATER New meraflor The day before yesterday 23:29 876 exclusionist Yesterday 06:07
CAN I TRANSER MY PC ASIA TO STEAM ROS 新人帖 New RavenousYT 3 day(s) ago 995 exclusionist Yesterday 06:02
RoS Ultra Update Breakdown (Tagalog) New PinoyGamer Yesterday 04:25 030 PinoyGamer Yesterday 04:25
This whole Fireteam is hacking/cheating (4-Video Playlist) attach_img New CyberPoPo Yesterday 00:17 260 Artsu Yesterday 02:34
Didn't get the permanent gun (bug?) New Brawkoli The day before yesterday 15:04 973 jackpotme11 Yesterday 00:35
BUG FPS MODE New jessalira05 Yesterday 00:19 219 jackpotme11 Yesterday 00:29
Why suspended not Permanent ban? 新人帖 New oiibos Yesterday 00:08 237 Shenn4 Yesterday 00:26
cheaters are destroying your game.. 新人帖 New jakkal22 The day before yesterday 09:22 5105 nocpinas Yesterday 00:06
Can someone approved my entry MODS New jomfreicky The day before yesterday 08:15 340 jomfreicky The day before yesterday 23:39
ADD GIFTING SYSTEM ON ROS 新人帖 attach_img rosislife123 2018-12-4 698 Bozo98 The day before yesterday 22:12
[REQUEST] Remove SPECIAL CHARACTERS in in-game ACCOUNT NAMES. attach_img  ...2345 Nexus_Gaming_HQ 2018-12-4 72346 Nexus_Gaming_HQ The day before yesterday 20:47
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