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Por lema al cambiar configuración de gráficos New Santi142 5 min. ago 01 Santi142 5 min. ago
WHY MY NEWLY CREATED ACCOUNT IS BANNED FOR 3 DAYS? New Pepz84 6 min. ago 01 Pepz84 6 min. ago
BANNED FOR NO REASON 新人帖 New MrRusH143x 4 day(s) ago 1104 spyd3r00 12 min. ago
Tarda mucho en encontrar partida New Santi142 12 min. ago 03 Santi142 12 min. ago
banned 3 days? why? 新人帖 New youaretheone04 Half hour(s) ago 04 youaretheone04 Half hour(s) ago
Whats the reason why I've been bound on to this game New Marlouiereyes2 1 hour(s) ago 16 TANGINAMOxKA 1 hour(s) ago
GOT BANNED FOR NO REASON PARTIDA FPS DROP PA AKO NYAN 新人帖 New shotsfireds2 1 hour(s) ago 05 shotsfireds2 1 hour(s) ago
WHY I DIDNT CLAIM THE REWARD AT NEW YEAR TARGET New RaiAzure Yesterday 16:20 28 RaiAzure 1 hour(s) ago
“Whats the reason why it's been bound?" 新人帖 New Marlouiereyes2 1 hour(s) ago 02 Marlouiereyes2 1 hour(s) ago
DRAW BUG? New whitekamote 1 hour(s) ago 17 whitekamote 1 hour(s) ago
Got ban 10 days without reason New YURIII 1 hour(s) ago 04 YURIII 1 hour(s) ago
unbanned my account New ®↨Helios®↨ 1 hour(s) ago 03 ®↨Helios®↨ 1 hour(s) ago
Unbanned Account New Vinillyca 1 hour(s) ago 04 Vinillyca 1 hour(s) ago
Unbanned Account 新人帖 New Vinillyca 1 hour(s) ago 04 Vinillyca 1 hour(s) ago
bug in new year target event New jenz546 6 day(s) ago 646 jenz546 1 hour(s) ago
Mail to: recommend DeathKyu 2018-4-10 13977 Moa 2 hour(s) ago
unbanned me please New julius1234567 3 hour(s) ago 06 julius1234567 3 hour(s) ago
Account Banned without legitimate reason. -Appeal 新人帖 New ༺ℋℴℒ༻carl 3 hour(s) ago 08 ༺ℋℴℒ༻carl 3 hour(s) ago
Banned without hacking 新人帖 New ꧁misTah꧂ 3 hour(s) ago 16 ꧁misTah꧂ 3 hour(s) ago
Unban me please 新人帖 New Zeussssx 3 hour(s) ago 03 Zeussssx 3 hour(s) ago
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