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Got Banned without cheat 新人帖 New jey143 Yesterday 09:55 341 ➻❥Stacy Half hour(s) ago
Crashing problem on iOS I really can’t take it any more ☹️ 新人帖 New 147503727 Yesterday 04:16 632 ➻❥Stacy Half hour(s) ago
Fk the crashing problem if you can’t fix it just say it please New 147503727 15 hour(s) ago 113 ➻❥Stacy Half hour(s) ago
Suspected of cheating ? 新人帖 New Cannabis240 16 hour(s) ago 212 ➻❥Stacy Half hour(s) ago
My account temporary block in Facebook attach_img New mangdanny07 12 hour(s) ago 28 ➻❥Stacy 1 hour(s) ago
mic is soft that my teammates cant hear me New 04458165 1 hour(s) ago 14 ➻❥Stacy 1 hour(s) ago
(1'Day Ban.) New Voi 10 hour(s) ago 112 ➻❥Stacy 1 hour(s) ago
BLACK SCREEN Superrion 2019-8-13 248 Superrion 7 hour(s) ago
My account is in trouble i have a big problem in double logged in. New Wolfstark 12 hour(s) ago 010 Wolfstark 12 hour(s) ago
Axe Bug Problems 新人帖 attach_img New ShannYT Yesterday 04:47 725 LllllllUNA Yesterday 21:12
ros ban system? 新人帖 orcana 2018-3-18 9734 waduhek733 Yesterday 13:34
BAN APPEAL 30DYAS! 新人帖 New emile420 3 day(s) ago 127 xXHunterAeXx Yesterday 09:53
hi im hoping to unban my account idont cheat but im on public cafe attach_img New rules22 Yesterday 00:56 115 Tisquaredman Yesterday 08:06
sir. ma'am please UNBANNED my account 新人帖 New NGNLrosPlayer The day before yesterday 21:49 719 Tisquaredman Yesterday 08:02
please unban me because i'm not a cheater 新人帖 New chrisjenzen Yesterday 04:04 111 Tisquaredman Yesterday 07:59
I GOT BANNED BUT I DONT USE HACKS 30DAYS WTF!!! 09457486263 2019-8-15 648 Tisquaredman Yesterday 07:52
Im not a cheater im a pro gamer 新人帖 New lawrence182616 Yesterday 06:38 19 Tisquaredman Yesterday 07:51
Purchase Weekly Pass bug , New Jiann Yesterday 01:10 113 LllllllUNA Yesterday 01:32
PROBLEMAS CON LA RECARGA 新人帖 attach_img New jhimizx The day before yesterday 16:05 113 waduhek733 The day before yesterday 23:26
Tede of ban you like 新人帖 attach_img 09488266566 2019-5-1 334 09488266566 The day before yesterday 18:59
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