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Why i am banded for 10 days i dnt use hack New 168251804 1 min. ago 02 168251804 1 min. ago
Why i am banded for 10 days i dnt use hack 新人帖 New 168251804 1 min. ago 01 168251804 1 min. ago
CHEATER THAT USING AUTOHEAD SHOOOOT 新人帖 New iDrio 29 min. ago 06 iDrio 29 min. ago
banned and delete my account New KiwIkiw Half hour(s) ago 07 KiwIkiw Half hour(s) ago
why???? 新人帖 New cordeliera 6 hour(s) ago 435 Firebird Half hour(s) ago
PROBLEM WITH DIAMOND TRANSACTION 新人帖 New madfvck 1 hour(s) ago 08 madfvck 1 hour(s) ago
BANNED 新人帖 New Lucassouza2019 1 hour(s) ago 012 Lucassouza2019 1 hour(s) ago
hello netease .please remove the ban my account.i never use cheat mod bot wha... 新人帖 New rizki1226 5 hour(s) ago 129 Firebird 1 hour(s) ago
BANNED? 新人帖 New pfizer24 6 hour(s) ago 235 Firebird 1 hour(s) ago
My account suspend but i never cheat 新人帖 New Rihotrockon 1 hour(s) ago 06 Rihotrockon 1 hour(s) ago
HI KINDLY CHECK MY BANNED ACCOUNT New merzzjr 7 hour(s) ago 689 Firebird 1 hour(s) ago
plsss un banned me i dont cheat New joshua193 6 hour(s) ago 229 Firebird 1 hour(s) ago
Reply Please i have waited for a day but no one repond New alisultan01998 5 hour(s) ago 119 Firebird 1 hour(s) ago
I've invested so much money in this game has always been in vain New qokhan 5 hour(s) ago 131 Firebird 1 hour(s) ago
CHEATERS EVERYWHERE! New nejimon19 5 hour(s) ago 552 marc0659 1 hour(s) ago
I don't cheat but my account was banned 3 days. Please unbanned it New JeanKabun 2 hour(s) ago 07 JeanKabun 2 hour(s) ago
what happen to Rules of survival New Zodia 2 hour(s) ago 110 Zodia 2 hour(s) ago
DIAMOND NOT RECIEVE attach_img New pitass2 3 day(s) ago 229 pitass2 2 hour(s) ago
NEED HELP!!! 新人帖 New XAXAMON 2 hour(s) ago 08 XAXAMON 2 hour(s) ago
IPHONE 6 ROS CRASH New jordiii 2 hour(s) ago 025 jordiii 2 hour(s) ago
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