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Got banned playing EPIC CLASH, Why? New Kaycee020 Half hour(s) ago 06 Kaycee020 Half hour(s) ago
RECOVERING MY ACCOUNT  ...23 jansqwe06 2018-1-17 3411127 RenzPGarcia Half hour(s) ago
banned 新人帖 New redevils Yesterday 03:38 016 redevils 2 hour(s) ago
head bug attach_img New evilxxxdevil Yesterday 23:10 012 evilxxxdevil Yesterday 23:10
Please unbannet my account 新人帖 attach_img New JesdaJesdaMT Yesterday 22:48 015 JesdaJesdaMT Yesterday 22:48
Please back may ros 新人帖 New jaymarth Yesterday 18:55 09 jaymarth Yesterday 18:55
i need Customer service link 新人帖 gamblermonching 2018-3-7 95297 Asurama07 Yesterday 15:21
please help why I cant use gmaiol in log in my accnt? New DAISY8 Yesterday 05:48 08 DAISY8 Yesterday 05:48
banned New redevils Yesterday 03:38 012 redevils Yesterday 03:38
TOP UP PROBLEM New danzxc1 Yesterday 02:23 119 danzxc1 Yesterday 02:26
no solution? my account is permanently banned New yheminggamer Yesterday 01:16 014 yheminggamer Yesterday 01:16
i'm ban but i dont no why 新人帖 New YoByoB Yesterday 00:30 015 YoByoB Yesterday 00:30 新人帖 recommend  ...2 Jet 2018-2-27 196715 Plastilina The day before yesterday 23:54
Crash the game New KING-Cobra 3 day(s) ago 018 KING-Cobra The day before yesterday 23:01
High Ping Issue New arslan9592 The day before yesterday 13:10 013 arslan9592 The day before yesterday 22:59
Please open this​ account for​ me ot​ play. I have not played a hacker attach_img New SengLeang The day before yesterday 18:55 020 SengLeang The day before yesterday 18:55
Please unban my account New chikeur10 The day before yesterday 16:22 012 chikeur10 The day before yesterday 16:22
How to unbanned my account it said banned for prohibited behavior 新人帖  ...234 jomartadzz 2018-2-18 375241 DreadNought The day before yesterday 06:29 MR.JR 2019-9-9 6156 MR.JR 3 day(s) ago
bugs,no house and logs 新人帖 New cabigon12345 3 day(s) ago 121 Tisquaredman 3 day(s) ago
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