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i allready submit New amagsepoc 13 hour(s) ago 15 amagsepoc 1 hour(s) ago
Topessayservices 新人帖 New Katedavis 4 hour(s) ago 02 Katedavis 4 hour(s) ago
Ros Banned Cheater By Report AnimeTv 2019-11-26 3247 EthanWood 11 hour(s) ago
ScamFighter 新人帖 New EthanWood 11 hour(s) ago 08 EthanWood 11 hour(s) ago
Plz give me back my 2 red packs 新人帖 New denis493 The day before yesterday 20:59 831 denis493 13 hour(s) ago
i can't top up? 新人帖 New KNIGHTZ Yesterday 21:27 112 Geisha 19 hour(s) ago
Automatic Banned 新人帖 IIFaceTheWindII 2020-7-14 343 Geisha 19 hour(s) ago
FACEBOOK ACCOUNT DISABLED New ArcelonaDean Yesterday 10:14 111 Geisha 19 hour(s) ago
Banned For no reason!? New Salazar01 Yesterday 08:54 114 Geisha 19 hour(s) ago
i cant play unbanned my account asap thankyou :) New RGTMCFLOATS Yesterday 04:23 120 Geisha 19 hour(s) ago
Release my account please New Sherkhan 6 day(s) ago 848 Sherkhan Yesterday 04:53
Miss Understood Banned attach_img New EONPINEDA 5 day(s) ago 359 Geisha Yesterday 04:05
HELP ME PLEASE TO GET BACK MY OLD ACCOUNT kirito0404 2020-7-28 153 Geisha Yesterday 04:04
ROS PLEASE CHECK THE RULES OF SURVIVAL WHY MY NUMBER IS WRONG? 新人帖 mynameispooh 2019-11-25 7255 Geisha Yesterday 03:18
I DONT GET MY DIAMOND PLEASE HELP ME! attach_img New SQUAD1 Yesterday 02:27 06 SQUAD1 Yesterday 02:27
Account restarted 新人帖 New leafpro250 The day before yesterday 08:31 116 Geisha The day before yesterday 20:55
pls unbanned my account in ros becouse i cant play :( hoping for your kindness 新人帖 New SPO2_lamborg The day before yesterday 08:28 113 Geisha The day before yesterday 20:54
Polls Who enjoy most of the Game now? 新人帖 New NefariousAYO The day before yesterday 11:56 011 NefariousAYO The day before yesterday 11:56
[Bugs & Problems] PROBLEM IN LOGGING IN (EASEBAR) 丂尺★Clay 2020-7-7 354 丂尺★Clay The day before yesterday 05:49
Hello Sir i open it in Game but i dont have banned appeal i cant Start the Game New amagsepoc 3 day(s) ago 113 Geisha The day before yesterday 01:02
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