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No more thrill for this game New iAmFromSteam 3 hour(s) ago 04 iAmFromSteam 3 hour(s) ago
Door Sound Bug/Glitch 新人帖 New SFHast 8 hour(s) ago 18 genobreakerx 5 hour(s) ago
Appealing for permanently banned account. 新人帖 New mjzxc1 9 hour(s) ago 018 mjzxc1 9 hour(s) ago
Still banned New BayawBilisanMo 10 hour(s) ago 010 BayawBilisanMo 10 hour(s) ago
Still Banned New Good_Gemer 10 hour(s) ago 04 Good_Gemer 10 hour(s) ago
im try cheating of ros 新人帖 New ytaeonran 11 hour(s) ago 115 ytaeonran 11 hour(s) ago
NO REPLY FOR MY BAN APPEAL New Good_Gemer 11 hour(s) ago 05 Good_Gemer 11 hour(s) ago
how can i see my acc is unbanned? pls help me New ronny26 Yesterday 11:23 326 Good_Gemer 13 hour(s) ago
Banned permanently please Unbanned my account !!! 新人帖 New johntiu123 14 hour(s) ago 118 johntiu123 14 hour(s) ago
ban permanent hack 新人帖 New ballzkie Yesterday 20:26 123 spyd3r00 Yesterday 21:33
Uplift my banned account 新人帖 New andrietariao20 Yesterday 19:40 115 spyd3r00 Yesterday 21:33
I dont know why i got ban New imbronzev Yesterday 17:36 114 spyd3r00 Yesterday 21:32
pls help me to unbanned my acc. it was banned last year december 17. troll team 新人帖 New ronny26 Yesterday 11:20 330 spyd3r00 Yesterday 21:31
Ban unfair :( 新人帖 New Zoofilico Yesterday 12:15 121 spyd3r00 Yesterday 21:31
BANNED PERMANENT 新人帖 New KHIRK731 Yesterday 08:37 338 spyd3r00 Yesterday 21:31
I GOT BAN BUT IM NOT A CHEATER 新人帖 New FlIxXeRfromYT Yesterday 08:30 118 spyd3r00 Yesterday 21:31
Zombie Trial Glitch Abuse attach_img New genobreakerx Yesterday 01:00 335 spyd3r00 Yesterday 21:30
Ban for 5days 新人帖 New ცϮʟ Yesterday 06:21 116 spyd3r00 Yesterday 21:30
Game crashing using Pocophone F1 新人帖 New winonagreys Yesterday 18:47 08 winonagreys Yesterday 18:47
Thank u so much ros for fixing mic issues that’s what was causing the crash New palestine12345 Yesterday 14:02 320 xXHunterAeXx Yesterday 17:33
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