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pls help me to unbanned my acc. it was banned last year december 17. troll team 新人帖 New ronny26 The day before yesterday 11:20 333 spyd3r00 The day before yesterday 21:31
Ban unfair :( 新人帖 New Zoofilico The day before yesterday 12:15 123 spyd3r00 The day before yesterday 21:31
I GOT BAN BUT IM NOT A CHEATER 新人帖 New FlIxXeRfromYT The day before yesterday 08:30 121 spyd3r00 The day before yesterday 21:31
Zombie Trial Glitch Abuse attach_img New genobreakerx The day before yesterday 01:00 337 spyd3r00 The day before yesterday 21:30
Ban for 5days 新人帖 New ცϮʟ The day before yesterday 06:21 117 spyd3r00 The day before yesterday 21:30
Game crashing using Pocophone F1 新人帖 New winonagreys The day before yesterday 18:47 09 winonagreys The day before yesterday 18:47
Thank u so much ros for fixing mic issues that’s what was causing the crash New palestine12345 The day before yesterday 14:02 321 xXHunterAeXx The day before yesterday 17:33
Thank you Ros Its fix now New Patola The day before yesterday 06:51 239 xXHunterAeXx The day before yesterday 17:14
Buckle Star game 新人帖 New 19860326 3 day(s) ago 516 19860326 The day before yesterday 14:53
Switching account from iPhone to Android 新人帖 SurVaL 2018-3-11 96354 Chinfinite The day before yesterday 14:37
How can I see if my account is unbanned New Good_Gemer 3 day(s) ago 219 Good_Gemer The day before yesterday 08:06
Help me netease I can't login to my account 新人帖 New Lolsz The day before yesterday 03:50 113 spyd3r00 The day before yesterday 05:51
Ros invisible players New FirelordOfAll The day before yesterday 02:59 117 spyd3r00 The day before yesterday 05:50
got banned for 10 days please unban me 新人帖 New jakes The day before yesterday 00:30 19 spyd3r00 The day before yesterday 05:49
Crashing in ios New Patola The day before yesterday 00:49 218 spyd3r00 The day before yesterday 05:46
what is my violations? why you banned my account? 新人帖 BlackCanary 2018-8-7 360 BlackCanary The day before yesterday 04:29
please give me one last chance. I will no repeat it again.. 新人帖 New ardigaul 4 day(s) ago 438 Crausz The day before yesterday 04:03
New cheat in ROS be aware of this and please do somthing about this ROS New HappyPhil 4 day(s) ago 131 Rainzel The day before yesterday 04:01
i got baned in ros i cheat kind of cheats 新人帖 New 09391718598 3 day(s) ago 219 Crausz The day before yesterday 03:59
BUGS PLS FIX + CHEAT 新人帖 New JayJayKi11 4 day(s) ago 238 Crausz The day before yesterday 03:58
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