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problem to open the game attachment New EITHAN2019 Yesterday 07:38 120 EITHAN2019 Yesterday 07:51
I got banned for no reason attach_img New Joseph12k The day before yesterday 23:25 338 spyd3r00 Yesterday 07:40
unfair 新人帖 New jerichotenorio Yesterday 07:24 111 AnjSetsuke Yesterday 07:35
Please fix the chat in lobby coz it appears while in game at steam server New yan.gumarao37 Yesterday 07:11 010 yan.gumarao37 Yesterday 07:11
Banned for 7days UNFAIR New [EnemieZ]JinMy 4 day(s) ago 332 spyd3r00 Yesterday 07:04
SR Quick Scope BUG on this Week! New PHxSniperKing Yesterday 06:31 120 PHxSniperKing Yesterday 06:34
LOOK! CHEATERS DURING LIVE STREAM! attachment New Ryuuji Yesterday 06:20 123 Ryuuji Yesterday 06:27
LOOK! CHEATERS DURING LIVE STREAM! New Ryuuji Yesterday 06:08 013 Ryuuji Yesterday 06:08
What is this? No days and it's said suspended? New Gbaliad The day before yesterday 23:16 124 spyd3r00 Yesterday 06:04
unbanned me 新人帖 New Kennethzxc123 The day before yesterday 23:09 114 spyd3r00 Yesterday 06:03
plzzzz be unbanned my acc i'm not a cheater plzzz . help me guyz i miss my acc New papzkie The day before yesterday 23:19 113 spyd3r00 Yesterday 06:03
please po na mahalis ang banned ko gsto ko na pong mag ros please please please 新人帖 New deathnyong The day before yesterday 23:29 114 spyd3r00 Yesterday 06:03
I GOT BANNED FOR NO REASON !!! 新人帖 New PUTACHEATER The day before yesterday 23:44 228 spyd3r00 Yesterday 06:03
BAN APPEAL New karloroces The day before yesterday 21:52 434 spyd3r00 Yesterday 06:02
Ban Appeal New bipan980838 The day before yesterday 23:59 112 spyd3r00 Yesterday 06:01
PROBLEMS AND BAN APPEAL 新人帖 New SummerAut Yesterday 00:12 118 spyd3r00 Yesterday 06:01
unbanned my account please New ®↨Helios®↨ Yesterday 00:26 119 spyd3r00 Yesterday 06:00
BAN APPEAL !!!! New CoolBear Yesterday 00:08 341 spyd3r00 Yesterday 06:00
ROS COMMUNITY DarkBOOTY 2018-11-10 090 DarkBOOTY Yesterday 05:59
I got ban for no reason 新人帖 New 做单 Yesterday 00:51 120 spyd3r00 Yesterday 05:58
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