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Title: Basic Marksmanship Skills for Beginners [Print this page]

Author: PockeyMaster    Time: 2017-12-1 06:06
Title: Basic Marksmanship Skills for Beginners
Hello Everyone, just slightly updated the guide for some tips for basic marksmanship skills, different weapons, and equipment basics.

Rules of Survival is a realistic shooting game. Although the game is not absolutely balanced and perfect, your wisdom and teamwork can help you to survive. You need to make good judgement and choose within an instant.

To win the game is not as easy as you imagine, a number of factors will affect the results of a match. Though good marksmanship skills may not let you win the game, they play an important part. RoS is not just a shooter, every match requires tactics, good judgement, quick thinking, and often a good bit of luck.

Here are some more details!

Firstly, how to improve the marksmanshipskills for a regular novice player? Of course, we have many methods to improve, and you'll definitly need time to practice. This time we'll talk about marksmanship skills, although you may not win the game with them alone, it will definitly help you. To improve the skills, you'll need to practice as well as developing strategy and tactics when dealing with other players.

For practice, you need to find one kind offirearm that is most suitable for you, along with knowing their distance to damage effect:

Attaching the proper Scope can mean the difference between shooting at the air and taking down squads across the valley.

Let’s a look at the usage of different scopes according to type:

Hope you enjoyed this revised guide, see you next time!

Author: ixLy    Time: 2017-12-28 17:14

Author: kailong    Time: 2017-12-29 02:09
8X is more comfortable and easier to use instead of 4X for me,maybe it is because i always hunt for long range instead of middle range?
Author: Adevy    Time: 2017-12-29 10:38
kailong replied at 2017-12-29 02:09
8X is more comfortable and easier to use instead of 4X for me,maybe it is because i always hunt fo ...

If you use AWM or Barett with an 8x, it is amazing. But I'd take a 4x instead of an 8x any day on a semi or full auto weapon. Recoil simply destroys your aim when you have an 8x.
Author: Dehhani    Time: 2018-1-1 14:56
Ağam ya , hep ingilizce olmuyor
Author: phucpttx19    Time: 2018-1-25 05:28

Author: iyak_bae    Time: 2018-1-28 01:52
rules of survival
Author: NereidaQueen    Time: 2018-1-29 19:32
good post, thank you :-)
Author: NickHDx    Time: 2018-2-6 19:40
Thanks for this, really helpful
Author: MrT    Time: 2018-2-7 00:26
i like 4x but if a have 8x and svd

Ghillie Suit + Barrett M107 + 8x = WIN

Author: TotoyDan    Time: 2018-2-7 08:35
can you teach how do you tumble?
Author: johnraysniper    Time: 2018-2-9 16:21
Author: johnraysniper    Time: 2018-2-9 16:32
txtx johnraysniper
Author: Leeness    Time: 2018-2-11 23:33
i just support my team mates im like a look out before they all go in hahahaha
Author: thirdy69    Time: 2018-2-13 19:31
Not bad .....

Author: zmaximusfps    Time: 2018-2-17 22:58
ajude me por favor:
Rules Of Survival nao quer abri no meu Notebook, abaixo estou deixando as configurações do meu notebook:
Processador: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2310M CPU @2.10GHz 2.10 GHz
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Author: rey_85dalicon10    Time: 2018-2-18 04:13
good this game
Author: Ravskiemoto101    Time: 2018-2-19 10:01
x8 + Barret TOP 1 !
Author: ti3st0o0    Time: 2018-2-19 10:59
Thank you
Author: Ravskiemoto101    Time: 2018-2-20 06:38

Author: TranTrongNghia2    Time: 2018-2-22 22:21
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Author: Gwapogi    Time: 2018-3-1 09:05
one chiken is the best!
Author: AksyonStar™    Time: 2018-3-1 10:37
Author: jHANNiZ    Time: 2018-3-3 10:07
I hope you can add a mode where you can play with bots, mannnnnn my aim is really,really bad.
Author: Chaylith    Time: 2018-3-4 06:54
I think x4 is better than other scope.

Author: romarwong    Time: 2018-3-4 13:05
im curious why the M14EBR gone in the GHILLIE ISLAND? ? ? ? ? WHY? ? ? ? ? ?? :o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o
Author: Ajri14    Time: 2018-3-4 23:23
Author: TanteHot    Time: 2018-3-5 06:30
please respon my ban appeals sir. im promise not use cheat., im support rules of survival game no.1 in world
Author: bosskikime    Time: 2018-3-6 07:46
yes it is helpful
Author: bosskikime    Time: 2018-3-6 07:47

Author: zygnome    Time: 2018-3-6 12:35
your post is helpful, but either way for that basic marksmanship they could just practice some FPS game to improve their aim, also the map in ROS is open field so its kinda difficult for beginners but its all fine and all if they're quickly adapted to the game and develope their best aims
Author: 09757364745    Time: 2018-3-8 14:59
Author: popet0123    Time: 2018-3-9 01:42

Author: Rycher    Time: 2018-3-12 04:20
Nice Guide
Author: markburis    Time: 2018-3-16 08:35
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Author: markburis    Time: 2018-3-16 08:35

Author: MrsYamada    Time: 2018-3-16 18:10
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Author: dzhen94    Time: 2018-3-18 06:05
Thanks fo guide.
Author: iyankiez    Time: 2018-3-18 23:47

Author: iyankiez    Time: 2018-3-18 23:47

Author: Alt+Www    Time: 2018-3-19 21:41

Author: natnat112    Time: 2018-3-20 01:35
Author: 0978983997    Time: 2018-3-20 18:53
Basic Marksmanship Skills for Beginners ... &fromuid=229675
(Source: Rules of survival)

Author: 0978983997    Time: 2018-3-20 18:57
Basic Marksmanship Skills for Beginners ... &fromuid=229675
(Source: Rules of survival)

Author: john3222x    Time: 2018-3-23 02:53

Author: ReimeC    Time: 2018-3-23 06:02
Adevy replied at 2017-12-29 10:38
If you use AWM or Barett with an 8x, it is amazing. But I'd take a 4x instead of an 8x any day on  ...

thats why you need to switch to single shot.
Author: NightBoo    Time: 2018-3-24 10:43
Up! for cheaters who don't know how to aim well
Author: luongduythanh    Time: 2018-3-25 01:41
tôi muốn tìm lại ních
Author: OTS    Time: 2018-3-27 00:31
The best post ive read so much and can i ask what is the use of credits?
Author: nexusnet.ian2    Time: 2018-3-27 06:48
Very helpful post. Thank you!
Author: Nillesse    Time: 2018-3-27 07:06
Thanks man helpful info
Author: weaker132    Time: 2018-3-28 16:47
but dmg of the WRO with sg choke and sg loop
50 meters 80 dmg without armor and helmet ?
Author: tinojohn123    Time: 2018-3-31 14:49
Author: Nam998    Time: 2018-4-2 12:50
Author: dadadada    Time: 2018-4-2 16:56
i am here just to read the coments

Author: weaker132    Time: 2018-4-4 02:19
i used shotguns just shotguns because im a support type in firefighterteam
Author: SadBam    Time: 2018-4-5 21:38
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Author: pecandues    Time: 2018-4-6 08:02
long range killer all hail barret and scope X8
Author: teem20    Time: 2018-4-7 06:21

Author: HyperChickenRE    Time: 2018-4-8 00:04
Hi I have a problem CHEATERS!

I have a bunch of them

and more
I have pics and videos PLS BAN THEM!!!
Author: IcheWah    Time: 2018-4-9 21:15
Making a good anti cheat system would really help. With those cheaters on makes me hesitate more to buy in game items.
Author: limjunlee12    Time: 2018-4-10 04:27
ixLy replied at 2017-12-28 17:14

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Author: 01652828940    Time: 2018-4-10 20:23

Author: 09069242709    Time: 2018-4-12 18:07
Author: Evargas11    Time: 2018-4-12 19:14
very helpful
Author: 01686280651    Time: 2018-4-13 20:20

yoi khong hack

Author: Sanary    Time: 2018-4-14 22:56
far range shot with x8 is hard ... sometime (if not most time ) i aimed straight to enemy(who even stand still) and shot ... my shoot gone somewhere else ... lul and they turned back headshot me who ran away with m14 lul
Author: rioprassetyo    Time: 2018-4-15 05:40
ada orang indonesya... :*
Author: vangthao12    Time: 2018-4-15 06:36
Author: jayrellemark    Time: 2018-4-15 20:26
help pilis

Author: akmad    Time: 2018-4-16 09:53
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Author: kenkenz    Time: 2018-4-17 22:26
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Author: 01206423231    Time: 2018-4-19 22:43

Author: Mazey    Time: 2018-4-20 11:02
Thanks for this!
Author: josefuraien    Time: 2018-4-20 11:51
Your advice is useless.. for cheater there is no 4x to 8x scope.. coz their hack is always lock-on to enemies and even with a longer distance a rifle can kill and deal more damage than a sniper rifle.. That's why a lot of players prefer M4A1 and BR14 than a Barrett or AWM because their range of attack is similar..
Author: drjoiner    Time: 2018-4-22 10:05
Author: ¼CHO¼    Time: 2018-4-23 04:08
Iam no hack

Author: blinkz2626    Time: 2018-4-23 21:03
I'm pretty good in awm with 4x or 8x scope :)
Author: rheyniel19    Time: 2018-4-24 03:56
Nice Post :)
Author: rheyniel19    Time: 2018-4-24 03:56
I prefer 4x scope
Author: junald    Time: 2018-4-25 23:22
thank you!
Author: smithontoy    Time: 2018-4-25 23:42
Gm please don't ban my accoun IGN Donn™
Author: Hamster    Time: 2018-4-26 01:39
Author: dadaemem34    Time: 2018-4-26 06:20
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Author: johnreyvtandoc    Time: 2018-4-26 23:57
beatiful rules

Author: KURTRUZZEL    Time: 2018-4-27 07:51
i like 4x because it's not sensitive
Author: BW0704    Time: 2018-4-28 11:53
THANKS for the tips!
Author: jdimasohid    Time: 2018-4-29 00:17
me its good to use 8x because its good for single shot rifle
Author: whiteblood06    Time: 2018-5-4 05:19
so hard to use x8 on AKM but it's sure kill on a full equipped M4A1 or M14EBR/AN94
Author: 09094788423    Time: 2018-5-7 02:56
Author: drjoiner    Time: 2018-5-9 06:05
maybe red dot better than 2x
Author: 01689827394    Time: 2018-5-16 04:14
I did not hack my nick lock
Author: mhelvin10    Time: 2018-5-20 22:57
I would prefer using M14EBR if you`re a newbie cause M4a1 has more recoil than M14EBR.
Author: asdfghjk2018    Time: 2018-5-24 09:15
my account has been banned 05/23/2018 reason: i dont know why but my friend was play on it with hack and when i open it it was banned. please i want my account . thanks
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Author: carlallanramos    Time: 2018-5-27 02:45
ixLy replied at 2017-12-28 17:14

Can you remove banned from my ros account?Please?

Author: carlallanramos    Time: 2018-5-27 02:46
Edited by carlallanramos at 2018-5-27 02:48

Paano po ba alisin yung banned? Kase po banned permanent yun e!

Author: carlallanramos    Time: 2018-5-27 02:46
MrT replied at 2018-2-7 00:26
i like 4x but if a have 8x and svd ;P;P;P

Ghillie Suit + Barrett M107 + 8x = WIN

Can you remove banned from my ros account?

Author: carlallanramos    Time: 2018-5-27 02:53
I've banned you to help me out how to remove the banned?

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