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Title: HANGAR: The Legend of the Maverick Squad [Print this page]

Author: mjmjmj    Time: 2018-10-4 11:57
Title: HANGAR: The Legend of the Maverick Squad
300 years ago when the Alien invasion have not started yet, Fearless Fiord was divided to four sides with each having a force and making it their own territory. The Northwest territory, Northeast territory, Southwest territory and Southeast territory. And in the Northeast territory there was a strong army called Army Air Corps, their was base located in Hangar, one of the city they rule. They were there to serve and protect their territory from any force that tries to invade the cities that they rule, and harm the innocent people living there.
In that Army there was a squad that the other 3 territories feared, and they were named the "Maverick Squad", this squad treats each other as brother and sister, and can willingly sacrifice their own life for any member of their squad. They only take orders from General Caillan himself, who always carry a strange hand gun. He never told anyone where he had found it, the only thing he said is that it was called "Magma Demon Desert Eagle".
There was also a certain person in that squad which was their youngest member that they all treat as their nephew or younger brother, and he has a certain problem in following rules and orders, but although he has this problem in following rules or commands from his High Commanding Officers, he was great at fighting in an Aerial and Ground Warfare. He only respect the members of his squad especially the General. Or to be exact, he only respect people who deserve to be respected.
The name of this person was MJ, he was the son of Gen Caillan and was the youngest man to ever have the rank of Colonel in their Army by the age of 21. But because of his attitude he was called the "Maverick of all the Mavericks", but even though he has this attitude of having difficulties in following orders, the High Commanding Officers cannot do anything to him because he was one of the people who had always defended their base, killed a lot of enemies from the other 3 territories and his own decisions always end up having great contributions in the Army without having any casualties. And he was always backed up by the highest ranked officer in the army, Gen Caillan.
One day the squad was all together having a party and celebrating because one of their member, the technician "Baldy", was going to be a father to a very cute litle baby girl. "Now this is making me want to go home and spend time with my wife and my baby", said Baldy.
Then someone came into the room and  tapped baldy's shoulder while saying "Don't worry brother, you will be able to do that soon". When they all saw that person, they all stood up and greeted him with a big smile. It was the person who they treat as their one and only Leader. Gen Caillan.
When he saw all of them standing he sighed and said, "Haaa.. what am I going to do with all of you, there are no other people here and we are all brothers so stop treating me as your higher officer when there is no one around". Then he looked at MJ and continued "I've heard that this little maverick son of mine had an argument with Brigadier General Williams, can you tell me the reason?".
MJ then snorted and said "that old stager had always been against the things that i do and keeps on saying that you do not deserve your rank and reputation, and that  i only have my rank because of your help. It makes me angry  to the point that i wanted to beat him up, if it was not for your teachings that i should respect other people who are older than me, then i would have already delivered him to the clinic".
The group laughed so hard and loud after hearing his explanation, even the General. After that one of them named "Cowboy" said, "Even though Brig Gen Williams is like that he is a good man that protects his own men and is ready to sacrifice himself for them. He was just a bit shocked and jealous to see him surpass his rank and become the General back then and was not able to move on, specially now that you, the only son of the General is only 1 rank lower than him and might possibly have the same rank as him or even surpass him. So try to understand him and give him some credit".
"That is true, he is indeed a good man, he is just a bit blinded by wanting to have an even higher rank. But let us forget about that, just prove him wrong son. Now let me have a drink too! Haha!" said the General.
They continued to drink alchohol, eat some food and had a lot of conversation. But after that the General asked them all seriously to come with him after 2 days to one of the city they rule, "Crescent Bay". To check some strange things happening in the sky above the city, some people came to their base and reported those strange things. They were saying that they noticed a small cyclone forming above the sky and as time goes by it kept on getting bigger and bigger. The General does not like sitting in his desk always. A lot of people respect him because he liked to take missions and handle some thins on his own and even fight some war in the front lines, but with the help of the maverick squad of course.
After 2 days they left the base and went to White Sand Bay to check things out. After they arrived there, they parked their vehicles and then divided their group by two,with each having 5 people, 1st group was led by the General while the 2nd group was led by Col MJ .
The 1st group asked the people who manage the area and some residents living around the area some questions about how it started, while the 2nd group searched and roamed around the area to check if there was anything weird happening other than that strange cyclone above them.
After 2 days of investigation they noticed that there was really something weird in that cyclone, because it was not creating any strong wind or rain with it like a normal cyclone. It was just forming above the sky. At first it has a normal color of white, but now it slowly changed and has a strange color of black.
Because of that, The General decided that Col MJ and his group should start to evacuate the residents out of this city,  and go to base while they try to solve the problem in front of them. Right after Col and his groups silhouette were gone and had successfully evacuated the residents, the cyclone suddenly expanded so big that it almost covored the whole city. And in the middle of that cyclone a portal slowly opened and a strange aircraft came out.
Then it landed in front of them, a few seconds later the door of the aircraft opened and then 3 robotic entities suddenly came out of it. They ignored the General and his group while one of them said "This planet is not bad, good thing that one of our lost starship was found and located here. the species living here are called humans, and the sensors are saying that this planet still have billion years left unlike ours which is almost about to die. We should tell the leader about this, Captain."
"That is true, he will definitely be happy to know that we can occupy this planet but we need to do some cleaning first. Call 4 more starship so they can do some reconnaissance." Said the Capt of the robotic entities  who was in the middle while taking glance at the General and his group.
General and the rest have heard their conversation, good thing they were armed and ready in case something happened. The squad open fired, but to their disappointment, they discovered that the bullets were not doing any damage on the armor of the robotic entities.
One of the 3 robotic entities laughed and moved forward while holding a strange looking gun while saying "foolish humans, your weapons cannot hurt us, now let me show you what a real weapon is. Taste my Chestburster QBZ!"
The General frowned when he saw the gun, because it looks like the same kind of weapon that he always carried. He looked like he suddenly realized something. He took out his Magma Demon Desert Eagle and started shooting the Robotic entity in the head before it even started shooting at them.
The robotic entities were shocked to see what the General was holding. The one who was supposed to shoot the squad was now laying on the ground with a hole on its head, dead. But there was no blood.
One of the two remaining robotic entity then asked the General, "where did you get that weapon? Did you find anything or anyone else? Answer me!". He knew that the weapon that Lt. Gen was hold came from their planet, and might have gotten it from their lost ship that crash landed here.

The General did not answer and started shooting the Capt of the robotic entities at the head, he missed but had still managed to hit him, but only in the left shoulder and lower left part of the stomach, because it managed to react fast when he tried to shoot it, but it was still gravely injured. The strange thing was that the Captain of the robotic entity was bleeding unlike the 1st one he killed. It took cover while General gave an order to his group to go to their vehicle and get back to their base so they can ride their fighter jets. Since it is the only way they can manage to kill and destroy their enemy, by using artillery and missiles since they have powerful armors and starships.

Right after the group dispersed, the General took cover while one of the robotic entity used his gun to shoot back at him. He used the houses as cover to run and go to the other vehicle and go back to base. He has to go back because he need to tell them what he knows.

After shooting for a while the robotic entity stopped shooting and checked his capt. The Capt said "I am fine, just bring me back to the starship so i can cover up my wound. We need to go back to our planet first i need to heal myself first, and we must also tell the leader about the starship that crash landed here. The weapon that the human used, im 100% sure it was the gun that our leader's son had. It was the favorite weapon of our leader in the past but gave it to his favorite son as a birthday present. He even gave 1 of his 2 strongest Hypersuit that has both great attack and defense, and has the ability to fly." The other robotic identity was surprised and said "what should we do then? That hypersuit is strong not to mention the Magma Demon Desert Eagle, even though it is small, it is even more powerful than our weapons since the leader designed and invented it himself." The captain was silent for a while then said "Add an order to the 4 starships that are coming here for reconnaisance. Tell them that if they ever see any of those species, KILL THEM ALL . They must not get our weapon and technology. This species are smart and can use it like an expert, like that man we've fought. If there are more like him in their ranks then we are in for some trouble. Release the toxic gas, thst will be our gif for them."

The group and the General arrived at the based then called for an emergency meeting with the high ranking officers. He told them all of the things that happened, all of them were shocked to hear that but still believed him so they assembled the whole Army Air Corps all of them were ready to bring destruction to the enemies.

Before going out of his barracks, the General called for Col MJ, when the Colonel came into the room, the General tapped both shoulders of Col MJ then said "I may have not said this before, but do want you to know how proud I am to have a son like you." he gave his Magma Demon Desert Eagle to Colonel and continued "I am giving you this gun so that you can protect yourself, no need to say anything or argue with me, just take it. You will sooner or later take over my position and lead the Army anyway, so take it.

Colonel MJ did not say anything and just nodded, but deep inside he was happy to hear his father say that he was proud of him. Then the whole Maverick Squad also came into the General's barracks. The general gave them weapons, and those weapons were the same as the weapon of the robotic entities. But pieces including the Magma Demon Desert Eagle. The other 9 weapons were the same as the robotic entity was using. The General then said "those weapons pack a punch and are very strong. Those weapons can definitely hurt them. He continued" i have found those weapon inside a starship.

There are two starships that crash landed here. Me and cowboy have always been working on it to make it fly again. There was also 10 pieces of hypersuit inside. One of them can even fly. Use  it before we all go to war." He looked at Col MJ and said, "choose the gold one with blue patters. Cowoy and i have discovered it was the best.

After a few months have passed. They got ready for the possible attack of the enemy. There was also a report regarding the other 3 territories. They are also facing great danger. A few moments later the their radar were showing lots of enemies approaching their base. Alot of robotic entitiesand a few starships. So the Maverick squad and other pilots got ready and used thei f22 and f14 fighter jets. It was a very long fight. But it the end the Army Air Corps won because of Col MJ. He had killed and destroyed a lot of enemies by using his Hypersuit and Magma Demon Desert Eagle. They wiped the Robotic entities out. And all of those happened because of the Maverick Squad.Their contribution in winning this war was more than half.

After the war with the robotic entities ended. The 4 territories got into an argument on who was going to lead the whole Fearless Fiord. So they got into an agreement that they will let the young soldiers fight for them. Every round needs 100 people to kill each other and remain the only one surviving. If one of them wins then they will rule the whole territory for 5 years. After 5years they will then have another battle ground fight see who will rule Fearless Fiord.

Author: mjmjmj    Time: 2018-10-5 06:32
Sorry if there are some typo. And i hope i had enough time, i was busy in my training that the war was a bit short. I did not have enough time to complete it. I did not have enough time. I wish i could add some mote details about the war but i am not sure if it will be allowed. Anyway. I hope you liked it. Thank you.
Author: JeReaumier    Time: 2018-10-5 07:13
i'd appreciate everything on your story dude :) nice work :)

Author: mjmjmj    Time: 2018-10-5 08:27
JeReaumier replied at 2018-10-5 07:13
i'd appreciate everything on your story dude :) nice work :)

Thank you JeReaumier. I am so glad to hear that.

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