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Title: 3 Simple tips to survive [Print this page]

Author: whateveryoulike    Time: 2018-10-5 22:58
Title: 3 Simple tips to survive
Hi there survivors, its a good day to write some tips and tricks on how to survive in Rules of Hackers. opps. Rules of Survival rather.

First: You must know the basic of the game
Knowing the different guns, health and survival kits. if you wanna survive atleast near the top 10 you must know the items on the game.

Second: You must understand that the game can't control of hackers
Techs are not that good in terms of stoping those hackers from penetrating the game, too bad, so evading everyone might be a good choice. Move fast, move silently, and always keep your distances on gun fires.

Third: this is the last tip, if you really wanna survive play with friends.
The game is better with friends, BUT, chose your friends wisely, i suggest you must friends with hackers, they can give a pretty good lift on the game :)

Author: negromessiah    Time: 2018-10-6 02:45
google is the only tip.
Author: earl0000    Time: 2018-10-14 09:31
Or just play another game for awhile until those hackers are tired.
Author: ChileanWay    Time: 2018-10-16 02:20
Play another game... this game are dead.
Author: samantha9276    Time: 2018-10-24 10:22
Simple tips is that better Download Bluestacks for the games will be smooth to play.
Author: KathleenMolloy    Time: 2018-10-29 08:43
Well thanks for the suggestion.
What game are you playing currently?
Author: REALNOREMORSE    Time: 2018-11-12 13:00
I got 3 tips.

Stay together
Look out for your teammates
Always look for revenge
Author: pharaoh10    Time: 2019-1-19 07:01

Light play like ROS, gameplay equal ROS, and graphic equal to ROS does not exist. Even heavy games have too bad gameplay
Author: ellard354darl    Time: 2019-2-27 00:35
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Author: JawerplKap    Time: 2019-9-9 18:45
Title: 3 Simple tips to survive
Im guesing that deleting the tube entirely would still be more efficient.  I cant help but think there would still be a certain amount of resonating from the fire wall.
Author: barbr555    Time: 2019-9-15 14:49
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Wow! Thank you for this lifehacks. Especially 3rd

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