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Title: My Wish [Print this page]

Author: bohan012    Time: 2018-12-28 22:59
Title: My Wish
Edited by bohan012 at 2018-12-28 23:01

My Wishlist : SUPERNOVA

I should get this prize because i am a clean player and every day i report all the cheater that i met hoping that other player can have a clean game without hacker.Also ROS have been part of my life since i first play it as i have made bunch of new friend playing this game and also invite my friend to play this game because its the best to play this game with friends.Last but not least i want to thank you ros for giving me a chance to get something that i really want.I do belive in christmas miracle and i hope i get to experience it, best wishes~

Author: papaelson    Time: 2019-4-20 01:41
sana makuha kuyan hahaha olls namn gusto ko yan talaga ehh

Author: jbcabuang    Time: 2019-9-5 20:20
i wish supper nova

Author: ryaroicapinpin    Time: 2019-10-28 10:05
I Wish bThat Is Truth::dizzy

Author: 09264222994    Time: Yesterday 03:22
on to daiamon
Author: jonastejam    Time: Yesterday 09:06
Author: jonastejam    Time: Yesterday 09:06

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