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Title: Celebrating New Year with FRIENDS [Print this page]

Author: Randell7    Time: 2019-1-2 00:01
Title: Celebrating New Year with FRIENDS

IGN: Śunnyxxx     
ID: 147303545
Server: Mobile- Asia

IGN: Haharley
ID: 88366635
Server: Mobile-Asia

ID: 33832687
Server: Mobile-Asia

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We celebrated the new year by playing a squad game even though we're busy at our own respective houses.
New Year is not a reason to forget your In-game friends. Since, we don't actually know each other (except ItsRALPH, which is my classmate) and also they lived in different place ( a 4-6hrs away from our house), Haharley and Śunnyxxx became our friends because of this Battle Royale Game called Rules of Survival. We create memories, happy moments because of this game. even though it suffers from those players who uses cheats, we remain loyal and happy. 'cause we believe that, Playing games is not just about the Glory, it is about being happy and promoting UNITY.

And by this year, 2019, we're planning to see each other personally. and we're Thankful to Rules of Survival and its Community for crossing our Paths. Because without your game, we don't think we will be able to know each other.

Thankyou and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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