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Title: NEW YEAR TARGET BUG! [Print this page]

Author: 21Panzer21    Time: 2019-3-13 18:01
Edited by 21Panzer21 at 2019-3-13 18:07

New year target. The task in which you need to take the top 5 60 times. I had performed 5/60, with a friend 15/60. We have teamed up with a partner and we have 10/60 for both, common for two. Next, we performed the task. The partner "21Panzer21" showed a message that the task was completed 60/60. I no longer watched this task, I thought it was done. But shortly before the update, I saw that my result is 55/60. What the devil? We had 120 times for two, why, after completing them, didn’t my task end? What is this nonsense?
As a reward, he received 89 Compensate for me these 89, otherwise it's just a crook !!

event11.jpg (469.84 KB, Downloads: 5)


unknown.jpg (454.24 KB, Downloads: 5)


unknown1.jpg (453.14 KB, Downloads: 5)


event112.jpg (240.45 KB, Downloads: 5)


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Author: 21Panzer21    Time: 2019-3-15 14:14
Edited by 21Panzer21 at 2019-3-16 11:38

up! still wait for answer!
Author: 21Panzer21    Time: 2019-3-16 18:19
up! still wait for answer!
Author: Firebird    Time: 2019-3-16 18:51
Hey 21Panzer21,
Please contact our costumer support (
The following is needed:
*Your in-game name/ID
*The screenshots you've already sent here
*A detailed description, just like you've done it here

The costumer support will investigate your account data and will sent the rewards to you if they'll be able to confirm your situation.

Best regards
RoS Moderation Team

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