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Title: Top Clans Tournament - Season 2 (VIP Skins + 150k Diamonds!) [Print this page]

Author: Viper88    Time: 2019-4-22 05:23
Title: Top Clans Tournament - Season 2 (VIP Skins + 150k Diamonds!)

[Tournament Info]
Welcome to the 2nd Top Clans Tournament! Watch Clans put everything on the line for the Ultimate Title of Top Clan!

200 clans (representing their regions) are drawn into 10 groups, participating in 3 Squad matches in Ghillie Island.
The Top 10 clans in each group will advance to the Elimination stages. Total of 50 clans will advance through Elimination stage to Semi-finals. Only 20 clans will be qualified for the Tournament Final.

1. Tournament is only valid for squads
2. Total of 200 Tournament Slots
3. Slots will be confirmed by Tournament Officials through Discord
4. Account must be created on PC Asia Server, and must reach Silver Rank by the end of registration
5. Clan Leader must have a valid Discord account to receive tournament information after registration

*If multiple squads register for a clan, only 1 will be selected.         


1. Clan Leaders will Register their Squads (which will represent their clans).
2. Registration time: 7:30PM, April 22th to 12:00PM, April 29 (GMT+8), late applicants will be disqualified.
3. Enter the correct information :
* Please understand that we do not accept any form of modifications after the registration submitted, so make sure the information is CORRECTLY FILLED.
4. Join assigned Discord channel: for detailed tournament information distribution.
5. A confirmation message will be sent to Clan Leaders through Discord by NetEase staff. Clan Leaders have to reply to confirm their participation.
6. List of 200 clans will be announced in @Rules of Survival - Channel & Discord at 9:30PM, April 29th (GMT+8).

>>Register Now!<<

[Preliminary Tournament Schedule]

Addition: We will announce here & the Discord at for any Tournament Updates.


[Tournament Rules]
1. Only registered players are allowed join the match. If any clans need to use their substitues, clan leaders have to report it atleast 1 hr before the match.
2. While we will ensure the stability of matches as much as possible during the tournament, the risk of encountering bugs or crashes still exists. Tournament Officials will only remake the match if more than a third of the teams encounter bugs or crashes.
3. Tournament prize will be inserted in-game after the tournament ends. Please remain patient as it might take 10 working days to finalize the prize delivery.
4. Point System for [Top Clans Tournament -Season 2

Addition: If 2+ teams obtain the same amount of points during the final, we prioritize the number of kills.

5. All forms of cheating in Top Clan Tournament are forbidden. Teams caught cheating will be automatically disqualified and banned from any future events.
6. Players must obey the competition rules to participate, and cannot conduct such misbehavior as deliberate collusion with other teams.
7. Any concerns regarding prohibited behavior should be directly addressed to Tournament Officials with proof.
8. RoS Prime Community reserves the right of final interpretation for the tournament

-RoS Community Staff/Top Clans Tournament Officials

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