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Title: Not Optimized For Radeon User [Print this page]

Author: Kaural    Time: 2019-8-5 06:30
Title: Not Optimized For Radeon User
so i just got my pc upgraded
Specs before:
-Ryzen 3 2220g
-8gb ram
Then yesterday i just got my Graphics card which is (RX 570 4gb) then when i tried ROS i was confused why does my frames are so low like 13-20 fps my old Pc before this upgrade was playable and i was shock because the Fps just got worse i thought it was an upgrade but it wasnt i tried GSGO in 1080p highest settings 110-180 fps smooth but in ROS i cant even move
Even in lowest settings Ultra Fps Settings nothings working i just cant play. Please fix this Please optimize ROS for Radeon Users Specially my RX 570. My plan is to resume my youtube channel but because of this problem i cant even play Thanks in Advance Hoping for a solution ASAP

Author: paolo1991    Time: 2019-8-5 16:08
Me sumo al pedido. Tengo una laptop ryzen 2700U VEGA10 que lo tendría que mover sin problemas y me da tirones o bajones de fps.
En juegos mas exigentes no da problemas así que falta optimizacion al juego
Author: OniiChaaan    Time: 2019-12-2 10:03
i have same issues..
my gpu is AMD radeon RX 5700 XT and cpu Ryzen 7 3700x i cant play well .
all i can say what a trash game ..

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