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Title: Permanently Banned,Hack ESP [Print this page]

Author: 09668309046    Time: 2020-2-14 02:57
Title: Permanently Banned,Hack ESP

Author: InvertedReaper    Time: 2020-3-2 22:48
Hello Survivor!

Accounts are permanently suspended when suspicious activity is discovered during a manual investigation. The reason includes, but are not limited to, use of unauthorized third-party software or methods, such as cheats, hacks, modifications, scripts, plug-ins and automation software, to modify or manipulate the game or its functionality. This gains an unfair advantage over other players and is not supported by the game developers.

However, if you believe that your account has been wrongfully suspended, you can submit an appeal in Ban Appeals ( The following information is required:

- Username or user ID of the suspended account.
- The server the suspended account is part of.
- The date of the account suspension.

The suspended account will be carefully investigated. If suspicious account activity is discovered, the account will remain permanently suspended in order to maintain a fair gaming environment for all players to enjoy. Otherwise, the account suspension will be lifted.

In future, please DO NOT create appeals or reports in ‘Bugs & Problems’ as it is a violation of our Forum Rules 2.6 & 2.9. The topic is to be privately discussed with NetEase Staff and further or repeated violations will result in actions being taken on the account.

Thank you for your patience and kind understanding!

Senior Forum Moderator
RoS Moderation Team

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