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Dear,  rules of survival developer
I would like to say   why did you banner my account?
Although I'm not using cheat?
I'm a fair gaming coz I'm a pro - gamers
I played rules of survival because it's free and I also like it's visual,  but why I got banned?  When I got killed by a hacker or cheater I reported it ASAP but you have no actions on that,

But I log in back  and see my account was permanently banned.
Where's your saying FAIR gaming when you banner those player who don't cheat,  and this who use cheats not yet banned,, .... It's not our fault to have kills coz there's a lot of bot players everywhere,, I feel disappointed ,  I'm your no. 1 supporter of your game but it makes me feel disappointed about what happen on my account.
Fair gaming is all I need that's why I reported some cheaters who killed me,.... Hopefully you'll gonna reply on this coz it hurts for us who play fair in ur game but  you've banned us..
Oh by the way my account name is ryanjosephvidal
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