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Advance Tutorial for “Rules of Survival”: BVR (Beyond Visual Range) Tactics

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Inthis game, there are various kinds of times scopes and multifarious,alternating high and low, dense and white terrains.
    Therefore, we can use BVR tactics to takeadvantages of the two points above, to strike the enemies accurately, thus,reducing or avoiding unnecessary encounters.
Understanding ofthe map is the first step of BVR battle.
    Except for the ugly color and lack ofelevation scale, the map of this game is accurate. Simply speaking, thealtitude is decreasing with the color change as brown-yellow-green-white-blue.Brown indicates mountains, white means sea level, blue means deep sea.
    After this simply explain of the map, Ibelieve we already have the sense of proportion.  Take the position of high altitude is onecondition of BVR battle which is so called “the higher we stand, the farther wesee”.
    You still need something after you read themap and move to a vantage point.
    Rifle X1, Rifle Silencer X1, 4X or abovescope X1.
    Some people will ask: why don’t we choose asniper rifle for BVR battle?
Hidden! Even asniper rifle equipped with silencer, the noise is still large, which can easilyexpose your position of yourself. Think that your enemies also can strike youin a BVR.  Scopes is not only forprecision shooting, but also for reconnaissance andcounter-reconnaissance.  
    For example, this player exposed his/herposition in a wrong place by using sniper rifle blindly. This is not BVRbattle. In the situation of you and your enemies locating in the same level ofaltitude, if you cannot kill your enemy in one shot, it is absolutely a wrongway that will expose yourself. That is why rifle is your first choice for BVRbattle, it is flexible, portable, and has high fault-tolerant rate, you canstill make high precision shooting to eliminate your target after you lost oneshot kill.
Let’s explainthe positions in BVR battle.
    Here we make a three-levels combat schematicof BVR battle.
    The top level with red arrow, in thatposition can overlook terrain, and can hit the target in the balcony (number 1sign in figure). This position is extremely difficult to be overtaken by antiBVR battle.
    Intermediate level with blue arrow, the balconyof four floors building in a high elevation position, where can suppressposition number 2, 3, 4 and lower elevation of the opposite side, what’s more,even the mountain position behind with same elevation, very difficult to beovertaken by anti BVR battle.
    Inferior level with purple arrow, wherelocated in the balcony of second floor, can only do the general sneak attack,whether to make BVR strike depends on surrounding situation, and it is easy tobe overtaken.
    There are two fatal flaws for a balcony playthe role as a platform for BVR battle.
    First, the target is too conspicuous, it iseasy to let enemies aware of being BVR strike, the enemies would realize thestrike should from balcony of high buildings in their first thought.
Second, theprotective wall of balcony is too high, your field of view or ballistics willbe blocked by it when players in half squatting posture. However, if playersare in standing posture, it is easy to expose themselves and be overtaken.
Therefore, werecommend players choose the top of mountain to make BVR strike where has someadvantages:
    First, the target shows as a point when beseen form lower elevation to higher elevation, once the players crawl on theground, they are covered by weeds, it is difficult to find.
    Second, the target shows as a large surfacewhen be seen from higher elevation to lower elevation, which largely improvethe accuracy of shooting, the player can use half squat posture and even crawlin some position.
Third, the hillis slope rise, not like vertical uprising of high buildings, so the eliminationangle is much smaller than the balcony of high buildings.
In the figure,we can clearly see the blind area and elimination angle of the balcony insecond floor, which are larger when in the fourth floor.
Hence, if youwan to make a BVR strike in balcony on top of building, it is necessary foryour teammates to cover you in the gateways.
We already showyou the basic tips, and finally, we will introduce the core tactics of BVRbattle---how to predict white circle!
Imagine thatonly few second later, the best position you just occupied is covered by blankarea of exercise signal, everything you did make no sense. You need to makeright judgement after you consider what kinds of situations will be appear.That’s the charm of this game.
I think you areanxiously waiting for me to introduce the tactics, take it easy, let meintroduce to you next time! (Don’t throw eggs to me)


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