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Untold Truth about AREA 42

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Untold Stories!
In-Game Name: Chris:)
Player ID: 70767294
Server: Mobile-Asia
Screenshot: -
The untold truth about the AREA 42,It was a secret government base laboratory.80 years ago  when a group of humanities found this empty island  all of them think that this is the new start of their lives.So they started constructing Buildings such as Satellites for communication.A group of soldiers and scientist decided to continue there research about the unsolved mysteries.When they receive this strange voice/sound message from their satellites it was dizzy and not understandable they just think that it was just a cloud covering the top of the satellite and thats why it sounds strange.A U.F.O just got located at the radar.It was round and it has a small lightings then this thing just started to shoot out lasers  through the buildings and satellites thats why they lost communication to others for help.All of the humans are panicking then a group of soldiers started to defend the humanities against the aliens the battle was unfair because aliens got an advanced technology than the soldiers.Humanities win but the problem is many people lost their minds when this war just ended.They started killing each other to see who was the most skilled human in the earth.but why then?maybe they think that He/She become the last man standing is the most skillful of them all.Now it is all about surviving Fight for hunger and Fight for the loots

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