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The Landlord
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Untold Stories!
In-Game Name: BlackShadow√
Player ID: 162353356
Server: Mobile-Asia
Screenshot: -
At the center of some of the world’s most violent conflict zones, of the fearless map there was a war for negotiated  agreements on two lands the area 42 and town bire they spread war all over the fearless map dealing damage of the city and industry the damage of the community is critical by day and months later and every night  the battle ship and weapons are getting bigger stock like getting more (assault rifle/ sniper/ smg weapon) and the most fearsome weapon like (grenade launcher/ bazooka/ M249/ and Barrett) day by day the war just getting bigger and louder they will not stop until one nation will fall to their hands some of them are using camouflage suit in grass to sneak up enemy territory and some of them are using air drop like parachute on top of the plane these strategies will be effective in the battleground dealing damage for the enemy territory and troops.the cycles of violence, allow people who’ve fled violence in their communities to return home, and establish new terms for peaceful cooperation. The war will not end until the mayor of the fortune island make peace agreement for the two nation to end the war for their people and community and the two leaders accepted the peace agreement and end the war. After the year of peace the community and environment are slowly recovering from the incident after that THEY BUILD THE PEACE TRIDEG the bridge of peace so that they can go or visit some other island around the Fearless map but incident of the past are still in the memory of the people that live and survive the war the tragedy of the war also result of broken family/ no home/ troma/ building damages/ lack of food/ and result of the BROKEN SHIP or SHIPWRECK of the past war. AND ONE DAY AFTER THE RECOVERING OF THE FEARLESS Map. the scientist decided to trash or to demolish the nuclear missiles that they build for war and one scientist accidentally sit on the RED BUTTON to accidentally DETONATE the missile but there are two missile after it detonate it automatically launch into the enemy land. The half of fearless map the TWO NUCLEAR MISSILE detonate and launched is bring intensive damage to fearless map that cause severe waste land or severe damage but there are some survivors who survived but they can't get up or can get medication from the hospital because it also destroyed by the explosion but LUCKILY SOME PART OF THE WORLD hear it so they curious on checking it and they saw a waste land after they landed they see all the people crying for help and All the people in the Fearless map are rescued by the PRESIDENT OF ROS COMPANY. after the evac of all the people the Fearless map is cannot be live anymore so the ROS COMPANY BUILD A HUNGER GAMES OR DEATH GAMES in the Fearless map for the Game Called """RULES OF SURVIVAL"""


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