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The story of the Wreck Ship

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Do you know what story lies in all of the Wreck ships in Fearless? You wanna know about it?. Let me share it to you!

The're once a girl who dreamed to become a NAVY. She was young when her parents died in the war of Survival, This girl left alone in the cold dusty place. She grow up alone, No parents no roof to stay,Eating dump food. She call this little place a home. 20 years had passed, She become a Cadet in the Navy, She worked hard for her dream, Time to time her rank is getting higher. Until She become a Captain! intrusted with almost 30ships and thousands of crew. While they sailing they find an Island, they are curios why its a big island and so many resources on it. Her Chief Mate name the Island ''Fearless'' Just like their captain. She didnt notice that one of her crew is a spy from their enemies. The man called there leader and told what their enemies found. The enemy planned an assault and planning to claim the island. Months had passed until the ememy arrive in the Island. It was a clean plan, The Girl didnt notice about the enemies plan.

The look out spotted about a hundred ships coming towards them and it was ready for battle. The girl shouted "Get ready to Battle!" But its too late to prepare a powerful defense, But they didnt give up. They fight with all of might, But the enemy succeed, They were wiped out. But the they didnt notice that the girl is still alive, She was floating in the shore but still alive. The moron leader of enemy thought that the island is worthless. So he call his crew and they retreated. Until 3days had passed. An adventurer found an alive body, And it was the girl! So he took care of her, Until she wake up, The adventurer told her what happened, It was 8months ago! She was sad and angry when she remember what happened 8months ago.

One day, they heard a knocked on the door. It was a man, a mysterious man. The man told her and the adventurer that they have the potential to be on of the Survivors in a game Called Rules of Survival. The girl wasnt planning to be part of the game, Until the man told her that the responsible for the ambush of her crew, And the one who killed her parents is participating in the game. So without a doubt she join the game, The game is a Dou game, Her comrade is the adventurer. The area of the game is the island where her crew died. She was angry! Ready for her revenge. Until the game started.

They fight with all of their strength, all of thier might! Until she meet her greatest enemy. She didint hesistate, She pulled a pistol (Splash!) The enemy was hit in the head. The bullet was covered with Anger! causes the head of the enemy to split on his neck. She cried, She mourn. And whispered, I succeed avenging you all. You may now rest in peace.

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