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The untold story of Gold Mine and Gold City

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The Landlord
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Untold Stories!
In-Game Name: jazerwilliam10
Player ID: 63856329
Server: Mobile-Asia
Screenshot: -
Hello im jazer and i want to tell you the real story of the city in fearless fiord called CITY OF GOLD this is an abandon place theres a old houses,buildings etc. But this place is very rich on gold because this place is used as a gold storage of a Gold Mine.

The Gold Mine this place is very big and rich of gold because this is the minery of the gold and the gold will be delivered to the Gold City or storage of gold this two places was protected by General Ong.

General Ong. The man who created guns he created the AKM and MRA1 rifle and THOMPSON and MP7 smg this man is very creative and smart he wins a lot of battle to protect the Gold City but he was killed by the army of susano the most notorius army in the map. Until the Gold City and Gold Mine was already abandon until now the Gold Mine and the Gold City but now this is a battle area and a part of General Ong history.

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