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The Landlord
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Untold Stories!
In-Game Name: ZΩNE
Player ID: 97326131
Server: PC-Asia
Screenshot: -
Once upon a time, there was a warrior named ZΩNE. He used to fight against people who tries to ruin the Ghillie Island with ofcourse his loyal pet , a leopard. They both made the Island nice and better through years. But it all changed one day. A group of armed people went to Ghillie Island, from the sky using their parachutes. They throwing bombs and shooting everywhere with their silent killing bullets until they ruin the Ghillie. ZΩNE came in and started to fight the people but they are all armed with riffles, sub machine guns and even snipers. Unfortunately, the fight ended up ZΩNE and his pet to death. As their soul separates from their body, a nature's guardian appeared. As ZΩNE being there to defend the island through many years, the guardian gave him a power. As the people went to their separate ways to destroy the island, ZΩNE is turning into an immortal. His head turns into a skull with a green aura caused by the power of nature. And also a weapon appeared covered with a leopard skin as his weapon, yes it is his pet. He can also manage a radiation zone on the whole Ghillie which if some people are outside and exposed they will die. The zone shrinks smaller and smaller until one last person survives and face the death by the Ghillie Island warrior, ZΩNE.

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