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Why shipwrecks existed?

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Then here is the answer for your question! Hi! Im your story teller! Today i will read a story for you about the SHIPWRECK!!! Once upon a time, there is a boat sailing towards the sea, One night they see an island, they don't know what to do when they see something on the island, It's a man that stayed on the island, The sailor and his crew did not knew that he is a member pirates that hunts down people they see, And the man let them stay for one night, he let them rest until... He destroyed their boats! And he get one of their boat and escaped. The next day the sailor and his crew waked up in the morning, they don't know what to do when they see their boats destroyed, until, they see houses without peoples in there and eat foods until one day, the food supply was running out, one crew stole foods in another crew's house,  that day the crew was very angry because he did not have any foods in his home, that started the war, they now fight for foods, killing themselves just for food, until they all died, and the NetEase Games found that island and used it for battlefields (Sorry for my bad english im a Filipino and im 12yrs old and my dream when i grow is to be a storywriter so please don't judge my work). The end!
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