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Untold Stories!
In-Game Name: LCZaynee
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Server: PC-Asia
What is story behind why it is called peace tridge? But first let me explain what is "Peace Tridge", It is actually a bridge but it is called "Tridge" because from the word "tri" means three, over all it is a three connecting bridge that accomodates both pedestrians and drivers crossing Shark Gulf,Fortune Island, and Hero Ridge.
So it all starts in a kingdom in Shark Gulf we're there is a King and she has a very lovely daughter which is a princess. One day the daughter or the princess of the king will soon take over the crown because it is her time and the King agree on that, but the king doesn't know that the princess has a lover and that is a slave in their castle.They kept their relationship because the princess know that the king will disagree about that, they keep seeing each other every night at the forest near the Hero Ridge, that time there is no Peace Tridge that was built. One day the princess find out that she is pregnant so they decided to ran away but the king use all his connection to find the princess and the slave without knowing that the princess is already pregnant. The princess soon gave birth to his three sons and their names are Noah, Abraham, Jack. But eventually the king caught the princess because she will take over the crown and the kingdom, so when they caught by the soldiers of the king in the fortune island, because she's nervous and scared she grabbed Noah and hold him tight, his lover and their two sons ran because if they will caught they might get killed by the soldiers of the king, the king doesn't want her to have Noah, but the princess fight for her right as a mother. After a few years the king died, the queen decided to tell Noah that he has two brothers and she's desperate to find them, but since Noah grew up knowing that he will inherit all the wealth of their family and he was also influence by the father of the queen so noah grew up mostly like the king. When the queen finds his two brothers and his lover he immediately commanded their soldiers to bring them to the castle, and when the queen saw her two sons she was overwhelmed and grateful to see them. Noah is not happy about the arrival of his two brothers. The Queen divided their kingdom Noah will manage or take over the Kingdom of Shark Gulf, Abraham on Kingdom of Hero Ridge, and Jack on Kingdom of Fortune Island. As the time goes by the hatred of Noah goes deeper and deeper because he wants to take over all the kingdom. It creates tension between them and soon turn into a war, the queen is sad about whats happening on his sons. So the queen decided to built the Peace Tridge because she wants to connect the kingdom and also his sons, after all they forgive each other with the help of their loving mother which is the queen.

The lesson of this story is that blood is always thicker than water. Even what you do family still accept you on who you really are.

IGN: LCZaynee


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