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The Legend Of Fearless Foid

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The Landlord
Untold Stories!
In-Game Name: ΨΣΣT༻ᖴᎥ᙭ᎥᑎG༺
Player ID: 102477445
Server: Mobile-America
The Untold Story of Fearless Foid

Told By ΨΣΣT༻ᖴᎥ᙭ᎥᑎG༺ ID: 102477445 NA Mobile
       The year is 3039, the Droid War against humans has ended and only few humans survive. The ones that do, fight for their survival either in teams or as lone soldiers. Remnants of the Droid Civil war are still visible. Their weapons, Temples, shooting ranges, and more importantly, their destruction of the once beautiful towns that are now desolate and abandoned. Weapons of mass destruction are scattered around places that were once considered safe, now? They are flooded with people who know nothing but survival and killing. The only droids still allowed to roam the island are ones who support the humans in their battles and survival. These once beautiful lands are now a battleground. Resorts and Schools are filled with weapons and ammunition. What was once known as a beautiful island getaway is now known as Fearless Foid.


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