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Untold Story "Ruins"

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The Landlord
Untold Stories!
In-Game Name: NoRules||SeriMutso
Player ID: 132050443
Server: Steam
The untold story of “RUINS”
A hundred year ago in fearlessford all people are normal until one an alien invasion is happened the place iscalled “Mindanao” until the alien came and plant their base in, which is nowcalled the “Ruins”.
The alien set their base andstart studying the earth on how they will conquer it and when they will start.They set “land mines” and “Anti-Human Mines” so that no one can go near theplace.
But the President in fearlessfiord “Digong Duterte” has a plan to eliminate all the aliens and stop thereplans in invading the earth. The president called all the skilled armies in allover the Nation to prevent then invasion to happen. They call the “Land RidersTeam Lead by “General Bato”, the skilled Assassins “Specter and the Kunoichiclan” send their top warriors to join the Group, the “Super Soldier” that Dr.Vegarock made, and the Soldiers who are equipped with the most high-tech suitthe “Hyper Suit” and a “POISON STING AR15” Assault Rifles that are very lethaland has a poison on the bullets. They are called Fealess Elites. Together theybattle the alien forces and stop their ambitious dream.
But the aliens where alsostrong they have a army of “Predators” which has equipped with most advancealien technology and guns like “QBZ-CHESTBURSTERS” lead by the “Dark Commander”that never lose in his strategy in terms of war.

As the war continues many ofthe fearless fiord army died, they can’t win over the strong alien warriors.The super soldier is defeated the assassins where decrease their numbers, thehyper suits soldier where dying.  We needa miracle the president and the people of the fearless fiord is hopeless untila chance came a group of fighters came to help the armies of fearless fiord forthe dark side the terrorist or lets just say the “Phantom” which is also has ahigh calibre guns like the “PYROCLASM-RPG and the ZULONG M110. And join thebattle field and they all successfully defeated the Predators but the DarkCommander escaped. But until now the place is called Ruin because no one evennow will try go there because there are a lot of Anti-Human mines scatteredaround the area. And we never knew when will be the next invasion or maybe theDark Commander or his people will go back and seek revenge. To be continue….


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