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The Untold Story of Fortune Island

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The Landlord
Untold Stories!
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One day, I received a mail From the Owner of ROS company, Saying that I am invited in their Hunger game ROS edition. It’s again time for some battle in the fields, “I need to join because our family legacy is at stake” i told to myself.

As the application for the contestants run through, I noticed that this year, the winner will have the chance to name an island in the ROS map which is for me a very nice price. “Players here are so eager to win, i’m gonna show them how this game works”  I sighed while looking at them preparing their gears. In the training arena someone captured my attention, with her dazzling smile and her mesmerising eyes in that moment I loose focus. “Focus, dont let someone distract you” I said to myself but suddenly I heard someone calling her name “Miss fortune” what a beautiful name it is.

Back to reality, the game has started. All of us is inside the jet waiting for our call to jump off.

Im about to jump but suddenly Miss fortune jump off first “Damn this woman is crazy” I shook my head then jump.
In the midst of the battle, I saw Miss fortune firing shots to someone then I saw a man behind her back. I knew that he will shot miss fortune so I immediately shot the man. Miss Fortune was shocked and said “Oh my, Thankyou. I owe you one”. The battle continued, and almost all the other opponent is eliminated that was time we had a good conversation.
Fast forward, only 3 of us left. Im so close to victory and im not letting this go away. Then suddenly , I heard a gunshot. Next thing I know, Miss Fortune fell infront of me as I saw the last opponent. Without any hesitation, I shot the man who hit Miss fortune. She saved my life, I frooze while seeing her laying on the ground and said "Why did you saved me?! I'm supposed to protect you!". While staring her she suddenly held my face, "Congratulations, you won your legacy. It was nice knowing Mister..." and then she closes her eyes..

I won.... I won .. but the person who captured my heart for the very first time is gone.. I kneel to the laying body of Miss fortune. Im sorry. I didn’t protect you.

Yes I won, and I named the Island I won. Fortune Island, a tribute to Miss Fortune.

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try making realistic stories yours is cool but try making a story untold by peoples mind
your the first guy guy who wrote with correct grammar
and yo cleick that sofa word upper right thanks
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