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Author: Hamburger
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[Notice] Update Announcement (12/18~12/19)

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First of all i would liketo congratulate to a very successful game "Rules of Survival" and now added a new game version “ROS Ultra”

Dear Sir/Ma'am
          I have my concernedwith my account for  getting permanently banned, “I thinking thereason why I get banned? The 1st thing comes in my mind that I wasbeing reported to the players to much, 2nd  is the system just malfunction and 3rdI jus t being was suspected that I am using a cheat”..I believe that 1stand 2nd is the possible cause.. and I know u need to investigatefirst  and I understood that. but If I amaccuse that im using cheat swear to god I never allowed that uses that in mydearest account . This is the 1st time happen to my account getting bannedand I was shocked! Oh! Permanent Banned? I ask myself what happen? When did I getwrong? Killing other players is now bannable offense as far as I know my record400+ battles over 20+ wins is a bad record! L  I feel sodown L .. im saving all my money to able to getDiamonds to my ROS account but  the end I was banned easily... I was toshocked when my account get disconnected when im still in game.. i thought itwas loss connection then when i log in again it shows Permanent banned..i cantmove on to what happen to my account..  i spend  thousand peso's toreach VIP 5 but I cant use it. Oh my God!!!! In other words I just donating mymoney for nothing. I was too grateful to part of this game but It so hurt to get banned for wrong accuse, i don’t know what’s the reason why..Forwhat  reason why im  getting Permanent banned  I Sincerely Sorry   if i made awrong  Im hoping that you will give me a 2nd chance to play again inRules of Survival  again Thank you andMerry Christmass J J

I hoping your ASAP Reply and take action to my issuebecause I wantto participate your Christmass event

and Also Sorry For What the reason to my Account getting permanently Banned,, I love playing ROS. So let play 1 more time with my dearest account. Thank you Again God Bless you!!

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.

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