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[New] Survivor News #42, Jan. 4th

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The Landlord
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Anti-Cheaters Update

Special Note: The Partial Banned Survivor List, out of a Total of 242,700 Banned Survivors in the past week, is at the bottom~
Special Note 2: For Previous Anti-Cheater Updates --->Please visit previous issues of Survivor News.

Original Message

Attention Survivors! We wanted to let everyone know that we are continuing to take the offensive on cheaters within Rules of Survival! It will not be tolerated. Beyond banning, we are further testing out new methods to prevent and identify cheaters/illegal gameplay before it harms your experience.

Over the past week we have found hackers to be using a modified NPK file to allow them to take unfair advantages within Rules of Survival. (This includes no-recoil, high scope, faster parachute, etc.)

The following adjustments to our anti-cheating systems have been made to compensate.

-We have reinforced the protections in place around the NPK file to prevent a modified version from being used. If it is modified in anyway, an internal mechanism will activate to identify the illegal file and player.

-We are starting to test an AI Image Recognition System to automatically identify cheating by analyzing the imagery of players\' gameplay. This is still in the early stages but hope it will further protect the fair experience we wish to give to all players.

We also wish to thank the community for all their support during this time and let players know how they can help us stop cheaters.

-Players may Report Users* In-game, through our Official Forums at:

*You May Also Report websites/organizations that advertise cheats through the above link.

-Players may Appeal Bans (If they believe they have been wrongly accused) at:


-Please be Respectful of Moderators-
We understand many of you are frustrated with the cheating/ban issue, however it isn't fair to blame it on the moderators. They are players like yourselves that wish to help out the community as best they can and are not responsible for the current situation. They do not review ban appeals and reports of cheaters. There are dedicated NetEase Staff that review these reports.

Thank-you for your Understanding and Support!

-Rainzel's Guide-How to check Discord ID

Guide for checking your Discord ID -Rainzel

-New Forum Events-

New Year Blast! - Team-up with your Squad to Win Rewards!

Other In-Game Issues

Bug Fixes in the past week~

- Fixed the refresh positions of items in Death Race Mode;
- Fixed an issue that prevented Daily Activity missions from being completed in RoS Ultra mode;
- Fixed an issue players are unable to claim their Xmas Tickets;
- Fixed an issue where the special effects for the Winter Wonderland were absent when female characters equipped it.

Other Issues?~

1. If you are a Mobile User and experience any other in-game issues, it is best to to go \"Settings\" & \"CS Center\" and submit a support ticket (This includes issues with purchases, or lost guest accounts, however please follow the previous links for Ban Appeals).

2. If you are a PC User, please send an e-mail to and include your in-game name/ID, Server, and your issue.

-RoS Community Team

*All information is gathered from the community, through our social media channels, and our dedicated moderators.
**Picture made by Spyd3r (Community Artist/Elite Survivor)

Partial Banned Survivors List
??ξЯЮбб CarDoDalisay3 hunter255555 minis567 SPACE100
?a?÷? CARDOSMARK huyqqwer1225 minis5678 SparrawShot333
?ACE??σν3? cardoy154 hxesgoi MinMinLoVesMe SparrowShot10
?AKMJ?Squad? CARLOJIANN12222 hypenaldagaceta MissJarlyn spartacus2
?ARES?linh2 casaracasubuan HyperMoversz mmkfarhan123 spgfpjcardobala3
?ban?fa CasinoRoyal14 IanAbay Modeinternet3 SPHINXFB
?cokicoklii? catacutanfromyt1 IBNUU MODxalpha spo1gulle112
?DvD??êVrímeHD cathylyn Iceblood MODxALPHA SPO1SARYO18
?EnvySuges CATRIONAGRAY27 IchinoseSenpai MODxRD20 spo2naruto
?gembel CatrionaGRAY4 ico111 mohammed06 spoken12313
?hayhay? CauUtTenThanh idollong mokayamo spotler
?Hgven? CCGRogue idolthanhdam moltoYT Spriggan?Shadow
?hoenix?aven CEEJAY101 IGINALANG monicaalpare SQuadBlaZIngTeam
?Ilham?MR? certifiedtaytay IHATEyou MonkeyDluffAov SQuadBleZing010
?JayN??X?R?THer? cesssaryo23 IhetaLove15 MOnSteR sri27
?JaYsEN? CGxMemon ihihihi12121 Monsterkiller13 SSDucAnhSS
?KlNGS? Ch0co IIAmaraEvynII MoNtErEy SsoroJ2
?KucingBetianan? Ch3zz4 IIcedsoyII Mortifazen sSsnikkibellasSs
?Mantan?ZePeTT0? chaeterko31 IICIIAXEL420 motminhem ssspsupe
?MaYToN? chaeterleony IICxSzRONNELz MountainHunter StandartPELORRR
?MgaKaigan? chaetpah IIIII1 MPnVt StandartPELORRRR
?Mr?Yoso ChaNIX12 iisssa MR15PAPIBOARDS StartToExit
?name?1 ChanneiExspress iiWizkhalifa MrBlueFirst stephen93
?QeMaxSquad CHARL3ZZ IKBALAAS MRD10 sterlingvocks199
?rumolo? chaulaveth iKiLLmySisteR MrGarut256GT stingtaovan
?RXKinG??? CHEASCA02 IKILLYOU1999 MRknigt stromvnt2
?SanGohan? cheaterka123 ikillyousorry111 mrnaruto2323 STYLé
?SemVacKGeNT0? CheitaeII IloveCDO MRpEgASos2 SubmarineE
?senpai?FR0st? chetaer ILoVeDoGs MrPheak2019 subzero808
?Squad69Sky? CHETCANUOC ilovey231 MRpooH SuicideDudeTeo
?SurVIvorJT? cheter10 iloveyoubab3y mrsiro11233 SukeColi
?TanteTayo? ChickenBeaner01 IloVEyoUhahaha MrX? sultan1324
?ThU??H??G? ChickenBeaner2 iloveyouhan MTPLeeRace SultanKahir
?TXT?Ty???L?? ChIcKeNd4nNeR IMaxNewLufti MUHadityaALIF SultanMULUk
?VOCGreasGG? chickenSAd ImBACKtoCT MunTage SULTON353
?尺ムG乇? chiken001 IMGGiIyoshJunko muRatA SunFlower007
|PROSniper| ChildsPlays imMisterious1ST MuzkiderPROS sunikpero
★?ang?aa★ ChillStrong imnoob456 mvp0888 SunMore
★ABYSS★Josh★ Chiss IMRICIaziza17BMF Mylabs24 superboy2001
♀Alay chockstogo03 iNCDrooperZz MYMenyacksPH Superpacaknakal
00BeMo00 choconduc INDAnakMama07 mymykui SuSin
00CheeatisLife00 chocuong2001 indo01 MyNgocemyeu SusonCourt
03BOMBASSW02 choiga1992 indoeskrim NahBeatLogan SutanSKYLoVeRs
0912810MARK choiiiiiii57 indonesia002 naiakram SuuuWird
0984619590vn choilage IndraGanteng12 namikazefamily sweetGirlsssss
0marilyn0 choingu0123 iNewTEAMGalaxy Nana|hi sweetLOvERS12
0neSh00tRifle ChoswaraFAM INNUbot NandaNdaTKLR22 syakilacantikh
0neShot2Kill ChoungZuanSinGH InsaneK1ller Naokiboru19 T?LáiDREAM
0oSpectreo0 CHRISTIAN6063 IoI898 napakangasnauod TaChimPoy
0uuuuuuu0 ChRiStInEsamson iplayahahahah NATALIA123 tagapatay021
102206BI ChRisz79 iPlayBLOOD natalya1205 tagapatay24
11Maxpein Chubs20 iPlaywagi Natasya9 TAGAsuntok2019
12012001Phuong ChuCaiBan2006 iqbalnurrahman NathaliaGisha tagaUpdatexD
12345asukarap Chung2004123 irdinapadok NathRush taigetla
123autogg cietaku iresh18q nau12313 Tàipro6935
123MADZ CipokKwan ISANGBALA35 nbftpo TakNayDamoo
123QWE123ASD CiterLoeYas IsanGtaKaLkaLAng NCorpsNuE09RN tanginamoginagaw
12vip12 CITPERKALONGAN ivanblanco123456 ndfhjhnxcujdfv tanpanama8
159159159althea cjsabino ivansoiiyxD nelleja123 tanpro1107
19DELTAMANIA89 ck6ayeuvk6b iyakkana neverbutdo341 TaNteJAiL01
19mycrushryan19 ckokey345 iyanle NeVherDeath tao230217
1DeathRace1 clariza26 iyjhg Newbie?Stupid taohackthisao1
1g0r0taK789 coldboy31 J1nT0man9 Nga1 TaoLa3CuaMay
1lovenight coliKUY JAAD123 NgentodYukk tapjash
1PaKaW2 comando0002 JaBuk24 NGENTOT221 TastskiexD12
1pap1an11g conga0209 Jacorz12 NghEoKeTa0 Tasyaaa02xGGWP
1vs1chaphet conkiendo JADECANALES Nghiatemo123 TatangOT
2003alyoden contraingoan JadeGray Ngnetod008 tawawi154
2005ha CoolEZboy jagandibenpex ngoccuong361 tawing1031
20AllAnWakeR03 Cr7juvetiniDuy jakartaskvuwdas ngolebinh TAYCO11
23pilapil Crazyjerk jakipro ngothanhhuy12 tazdaihai
24mahalqo Created23 Jamak07122002 nguyenasd154 TeamHackNao1
26TiaraNancy creatorPH Jamb0 nguyencho1132 techniuec09
2ec4MYTHstaKeR CriminalKaskag jameaskiefromyt nguyenhien789 Tellerium
2JointsKevs CrosszKILL02 JAMESHIAN123 NgUyNê tencc1102
33bengbeng33 cuanhtoqua12 Jamito18 nhatpham1603 Tenku333
34SAQ CukurMasalL Jamzkie93god nhinconcaduoi123 teno213
35rey35 CuMsHoT jannuis nhoxhuon terminetor12
3dasytokill cuongkkll321 janter Nhuahmobtaag TGShotHidden
3DWAndre cuongoke1ess jaredron12 NiCkle Th?nHáchC?ngNg?i
3K1054AAW cUtEaJi26 JASHPHER NightMonkeyX8 thachhackdo
3thecreator3 CuTeMe211221 jasoncruzer nihon28 ThanCho
49POSITION CWAAH25 jaspercavan NIKKOPLAZA04 thanglongxx
4anime4LOVERS4 Cybertrix Jayces2Javan ninjaprogaming THANHDAICA01
4RcHiE CYNOtaki JayJaySoulHunter NissaSabyan15 thanhlumthinh
4uloves CYREL111 Jaysonpagaran123 NoahFromAlda thanhvipdzai1999
565y D0nPulubi jazzonyt noahfrombodik thanhvjplumthinh
6ix9iNeι da0w jcrdsssw NoahFromCulianan thaquie
6sinsofdeath DaengBayu Jdr12 NOAHfromJC TheChillUpPR3
6usyt daipc999 jean444 NoahFromJUPITER TheDiamond33?
74ND4 Dalmation101 Jeffaive noahFROMMICHAEl TheDiamondHZ13
7capers125 DAMFIW jeffersonTP noahfrompeople TheError12
7elevensisig danielrellora12 Jem26Gaming NOAHfromph32 ThEfLaSh123
7SINSPIPI danielyungco JembutCeleng NOAHFROMPH32 TheImagineDragon
81—GiaLai DaniiTFChiken jenderal86 NoAhFrOmSpC THEjerk16
a1b3c2 DanqerousZenkie JeproxIV NoaHfromYT02 thekillerhunter0
AAAAA1212 DArkList jerico111 NoAhFroMYT12 theking1310
aaaaaaa114 DarmaKimochi JessrylAnn NOAHngDAUGHTERS TheKingss023
aaron08casubhaka DarwinFromYT1234 Jeszxc nong2k2 TheLastFigth
AbceedeeYT Datáa jethdhj098 nonitofromph TheMinionzs
abct321 datchonoco1 Jewitch NooBITtAaaPpRrO1 ThePhantom06
ABCT356GAMI datqwer1234 JhoN norodingwapo123 ThePr1est
abjdghjkdhgj datvaveth1 JhonArthDeve11 notFROMYT TheQueenofcake
ABORIMBA daveangel00 JhonArthDeve14 NOVAnormal tHeSoNofThEDeViL
abulrz02 DAVEPOGI29 jhonpaulako Noybanu TheTheFromYT
ace0022111 DAVID355 JhonPauLFromYT Nsync thetwolike
acquiatan143 davin31 JhoreilPlaysYT ntddog TheVenom48
adapter1950 DayatID jinak123 NTNdanhHAHA TheVirus12
AdeliaRizkaUHAH DayCakiL26 jindelrayo NurSajatTetek THGQuy
adfasrfd DaysWINGS2 JINjanJUN NYRATHE16 ThinkerTinker
ADITYA6678 DeadBot17 JinToman9 OfficialYt ThirtySix
AdmRulesof DEARDO JIRRIMI ojokendor01 tholontoto
adrgy DeathGlory22 JITTER2K1 OjosCorpBGr thuanxex2019
adumayduataoa DEathNotE JiYeOn omaewa0926 THUder123likeFRO
aebulon DedellunyuUnyu jkmvbmn omaikham2 Thunderbrhg
AEgi?t1999 DedellUnyuUnyuuu jm2889 OmSPartaGAMING ThunderLord31
afdkjsh DELROSARIO11 jms3003 OneEyedGhoulKing tienthucvlog
afkmanh Deltaforcex44 Jnskie21 oneKell tienzoombie
Ag3nttomada07 DESIKWATRO JohnCarlBurat onemendownfromph tikig007
agamolang destinywon johncarter69 OneShotFiveKill Tikiyama33
agent027 DESTROYA23 johnlawrsz onetime66 tinay001
AgenttJax devdasgaul123 johnrenz1596 Onlyrice Tink3r0
AgentxMax devkom johnroberet10 ontakill TitanM4ster
agks DezxEA JOHNVINCECARTER oo????oo TiTePePeFromYT
AGTjhon DFGDFGFDGDFG JonathanJoestar1 opensupur TitoPalong
AGUSTIN30 dfggdssdfrghsdf JonibertSavageYT orara tlacuongeren1
ahhuydepzai dgfdgdsds JoniSances orcinoXD tlatrum000
Ahihiahihi1997 DGrAcE1717 Joriz526 OTFerdiOT tlvendita
ahuhu12 Dharma022 josefhin12 oxbum11 Tmahu
ahvipahihi DiAmOnDkIdz JoshuaProYT Pabibo tmycc
aidil111222 Difiertion1 JOyLEe4ever25 pacnavz143 tnagin
Aijames01 DIKYFIRMAN jozel01 PAgsuMIlipkaKKk TnGry
AironXII dimasgtg1213 JPerez18 PAH2538 toancongchuahihi
AirplaneEthlios dimasyo JrDinde paittos tokuda511111
ajaytantan30 dinhdaica012 jrmango12345 PAKerz tolip123
ajhilario2 DirtyMoves38 JRsktt12 PaKsHeT09 TooDy
akavip5kill Dita08 JSalvador PaKyoKala TOP1GAMIING
AkinKaNaLang ditff123 jsdgha PalaBOYNngAsia TopChi
akmrt DkTeamCorp JUDEAARON18 PaLaiYoTAkO tope2013
AkoMaBaHOOO dmmthangcho000 jugernat pamilyakabuangon topkings09
AkosiGemar DNCuong jukudkau Pangcuin TopScoreer
AKOSiISYOT DNTPRO03 JulainPlaysRos pangetak1 topvc2
akubukanhecker31 domenick4500 Julieann21 PanoMonaSab3 toronto12xxx
alaizaran DonDon18 Julious098 panoMOnasave totoycar18
AlbertYeeet DontCryMovezzz jungelWarFare PANtiWAp totsjef
alchemist1404 DontMessYoung junjunfromyt1234 ParamPampam Tr?nNh0i
aleja5 Doremay junr007 parkermarker14 tr69
ALEXNhat doremefa JUSTcallMeLaNcE part13killer TRANSIIBubble
AleyaMarcial Dorobong Justine25 PATAYKANGAYON TremenDous
AlienDude doumaros JVlFrAnZ Pateeer★ tripleeXxX
AlienLaFamilia DramaSosial kadsit Paulaner tripleTOMTOM
alifmo001 DropSomeWhere Kage00 PaulFromRapuRapu Trisha012
Alliana27 DTka92 Kagura87 pawlo54 trojanjerryk
alphakapparo ductrongvip2 KaiDexVN payumo09 trong112115
AlPhAmEgA26 duheu123 kakihecker136 PEMBURUCHICKEN trongduc120202
Aluap DUMP143 kalbosave789 pepetpuke123 trongquynhdfgdg
alucard1227 dunglonmat1 Kaloong PertarungLemah TRTTTRTHE2ND
AMAWWE DUNGNHINTEN Kam0tengKah0yyy phafanph06 trungfcrudat
AmbaingAK duy2c06 kanjat99 phamhung01234 TRYDOR123
americaSako duybonungcat KapurAjaib phananhduc202 Trymeone
AMERRR DXGHVJLK kapuso123 PHILMANfromKP trytokill100
amircruz DYuserTY karamen2002 phirumong TSZxJustiNE05
AMIRECAGOTTALENT dzztts45 KaRiNaBaUtIsTa PhoneLover tuankkkakka
AMMAMAMAMAM EasportFAMILY KARINAPBB pilapil23 tuanlatau1
An4rchist easykillhahaha KARMITSUHA PiLaR26 tuanloton
anawaanti egaygaming KaronToton pingkert12 tuanpisces2411
anchaulkj Eigene kateknamo546565 PINKpuSEE tuilakhoa
AnCuTeHotgirl ejc12 KaZaNoVa PIRATESgaming tuoi103
AngBahongHeadset ELITEdinictes KAZEMIDORI PISTE12 tuoikkk
ANGELKARAMOY123 elleiha Kazpersky PISTOLEROFROMYT tutquansodai
ANGELO2725 ElliteKillerG KAZTRO14 pocheng29 tuyol
angelofbatz elnargaming Kd6931 pogiaron TwichGoodFine
angelopena123 eLvin21 keankejz pogidarkpogi tyfiioj
ANGELOPENA187 elvispenuliar KekeranSetan POintofYOU TYTH3RCUL1STYT
ANHCAnALl ElzIDMonTerY KellenIris PoisonosGT Tzedgeme
Anhchaasngdfgdf emmuonchich123 kemmay01 PongKlok u23vietnamcolen
anhchanghihihi emtentammap kenabong Ponon uapuam00
AnhchangyqEWasuo ENDEAVOUR12 kenf pooloy UKh
anhdidaune endedlasted1 kensham143 PornHub1990 uktdkjsd1
anhhoai11114 enjo09 kEntAsPin2k poyokpadang ulrikmireya
anhhoai1113 enting145 kenthrayver POYZKEILLIR1441 UlTiMaTePriMe
anhphirum EnZoGaMinG KERROKERROPPI pqpqpqpqpqqwqw ULtRaKiLL
anhxenxsong EpicComeBack KeVs12 Praningning11418 UltraMagNeticTop
anidaaaaad EpoKadella KFS12 PRATAMANET unclebone1997
Anisasasa9234 EpoRosTeam khaibong2222 predatorkiller21 Undeadban
anjaimean ErickoFromYT khaidubo111 Pretucci UnFOLLOW1
ANlex0123 ErnieArmsNaming Khairy0215 PRFiMKingOfibABE UNHOLYONE
anlon005 erwt4wcvxvbc Khaito pri2 UnknownPlayer
AnneDayrit12 EsskeetitVXIVI khánhnhi PrincefromYT001 unrealeasedEXB
AnneMariE estwszygesygez khavip123321465 PrinceMak30 up216characters
antipss EugenePOGI26 KhentzZ PriyaGaming urbanrangers
antiROOT Evos?EzaakXxX? khiemchau159 PROarmy ursa2019
ANTISOSIALCLUB ExbMichael khillzy06 PROdanneilbert12 UseeeData
anubato89 EXECUTIONER0416 khongbantam PROFESONAL UssMarines
AOCOmaNDerFire EXKONGPAASA khutaodai profesor456 uusSOCIETY1st
apokalipto28 exkongpaasa30 khutaosong1125 Professionalist× uyiyiyuiyu
appleoppo Exlusiv005 KIBUN02 ProH4cke? V1RUSsss
ApryL143 EYESHILD1234 kieafa ProJosh VAN88888ZZZ
arah00 eymbot1 kienkhoi0208 Prok1D VANESAYJAY143
aranda26 Ezeeeboy KieuBa Prokilluser VanessaBanner
AraykoPaully EZGBa Killer21354 PROmiSED vanivaan
ArgieBoy143 ezrealNgapLa KILLERKING2110 propisor123 VanIvan
arioo2 FabolousCapten killerko123ax proplayernoob vanthich
AriPutraa FaceMe killermalibiran PROsulLtan唹喓 VencedorFC
AronGamingYt fachriRTN88 killerswamp143 prOtOtypE26 Venomenome
artax FafaMarkMo KilleTheFakerYt PROXIMATE14 veryprooo
artigarot fahr19 KILLLLLLLERME psyrine VGODFROMSMOKE
ASAdeKuontoll Faith2007 killmoto13 PTKHA VGTGiVen
ASAdeLapett FakeLoveYt killnoteasy PugitA vhonkurt
ASAdePePek fakeroflove KillWinMas pujikukan vianami
asalusultahisapi FaKeT4Xi KIMBERLY21 pukixxx123 vietanh234521
asdasdasdsadddd FalshBrok kimmyyy punisher012345 VietNamCanHe
asdwdzxcvbnm famause King2111 pururut0216 VietNamSacThu
ashle0975684213 Fammily KingEmpi puta0902 VietNamVoDich222
AsteriiskMX2 FamousGamingPro KingEnslave01 putapepek Viewfinder
AsTroFromYtPlayz fanbetiTEO kingjd08 Pvthukagi03 villaraza09x
aswand11 FanduFamous KingJey10 pvtPoint13 vinhbuloz15
aswwa Faorinn KINGJOMS pyoFroamTY vinsen1
ASYHJASASJS FarelKhcill kingkhal qetuop1243 Vip9999
atekulitko19 fbiBEEPBEEP kinglord1234 qqeerr vipahpaolc
atonvingot FCBenKeo kingnariz11 quanqye VIPnYaVlza1
AuTizzHeeRo FCBENKeo KingNeverDeath03 queenevasco viptangaka
AuZekhomon25 fchoocooo kingofcubels QuyVuongfaker193 ViruSsss
Averi123 fcluukhanh11 kingofnys22 qwrqtrq vitconnn
AvGbawal fdghftgh kingrama03 R?D? vn9xnxx
awaweaweQW fdsafsadsadsa kingrifle22 R?P?¢p?ngèb?b?? VNDoiTen
AWE42 FeeDringAnDMrF KinNkiNN R1SHOT1DOWN VNG?SiêuHáck
awsdfg123 ferdisantay KINTIL221 RABORSAINT VNNDAN28HB
baaba FERGUSOhahaha kkookkoo123 radayanhcan12345 VOKOPOPO
babanghunetr ferolino082318 kleinnnyyyyyy raffy234 VOUCHERS
Babangriyan17 FeryCebool07 KluhG RafliFbrnsyh01 VPEAFromYT05
babikils FFCVHBBG KMBIqsal25 RahMatDulKosim VrumVrumKiKi
Babyko10 fgfghg knigth24 Rambo257 vuongnguyen211
BABYLONBOY fghk knowako ramej25 vuvoo
babyrairai09 fgsjg kntoodELUpADa ramonFromYT VVIBUASU
BachTuQua123 fgxcngxv kodokdalopez RaNdomNAmE VViBUQmAcKpRoEaa
BACKXX fhgfhgfdgfsdg KOK?PakRT07 Rangrang04 VVIP1stLaw
BaDaSS19 fhgj1226 KOKAY4000 RANMBOKIDSKE300 vvmanhcuong
Bagan141105 fhgujijkuknj KOKDIBANET RAPHYFROMPH W000W
bagatsingpansay Ficalfiews Kokmann rayvengaleng w000x
BAGONGAHIT Firlanda komando3212 raz0r W000X
Bagus7893 FitriNetTKLR komandonaafi RBbul W000Z
BAJAN FKlo KoncoNeOpWarnet RCCElijah waerchi
BaJoSurya fliying KONSEHALA rdboy WagKangPaeut
bajuri28 floride KontolKenaBan Reacted1 Waldimar
bakasipatrickyan FlowJheeko koosa really8998 war021
balahhh554 fluorine17 koplo312 REBELordKakuzaHz WARAK456
bambolve fo456789 KosanIDaNg reborn06 wari88
BananaaaGurl FOODkiller KOTERA RedLastTitan wasabe0909
banded14 FootDRY KoTeRa Reenji wayuk24
BANDED14 FoR3OoN kotexdonguyen regiegwapo22 wdawp
bandX FORCE9FoxeSKy KRYPTONITE12345 ReksiEoni wealajif
bangijol FoRd44 KukKurUYui renzrenz123 WeeDsIsLiFe
BanguitFromYT forzakeEn kuntil123 retman WEEEDA123
banhcluboan fqdsa KurirKondom revaldo08 week1235
BanhTieuV3 Fracturer KuroUzumi ReymonCharli WeeLESCOBAR
BanieFromYT FRANCISZ kuruba1234 rfhffsv wenokparin
BaniTypo Franco21 kururukyay09 rggrdhdfg WerwolfDoni
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BansaMoro FRanz55 kuysilot rhodgamingYT Whathepuke
bantolo fraquiles16 kwajumpong11 RiasGREMORY011 WhitehouseGAMING
banx12 frenm852 KYLAMAE0 Ricalyn018 whizkhalifa1010
baobii258 fromty7989 KyMoCHjY Rikimaru1990 WhongPesong
BapakLUjagoanMna frosTLeGar KyoKusanagy RinduX7SW05 William420
barakoto Frozeinstein L???O??V???E???? ringorain Willumpzxc
barakotot FTFSQUADWJS4321 l?oph?tgia1994 riotfaker WinMoreAjg
BaRILANSADAAN Fthngntng l4thlAccount rivalgtg Wisanggeni12
BaseLineJ fuccgurl123456 LaDo9 rivas0253 wizkulangot123
BAT7MAN FurryOwO Ladychnuza rivennoah2018 WnChmplng01
BatAkoNaVan Fvcklov lak156 RIZAfromKP WONDERBOY24
BaTTleField1011 fwagewas LAKASKO123 RIZKYGAMMING WongPeyok12
BattleTank gabquiano LanzkiE34 rj1333 woorybeard
BawelNyaSiNdut GAgoAKO LaPAE robinpadillla WorkHard03
BaYoNgFrOmYT gagopigo larano01 Rock3Star WorrybeerYT
bazer123 GAJE123 layears123 rogeliofromyt worrybers17
bddvd gaktau12345 LDNxSTUD rohayee wow123456789wow
beatmechas8 Galaxy2005 ldsq2312 roik wq4erdfw334
beatnams GaMika LeaderRBX rolskiefromyt WrOrIfLe
bebekgalau Gamika2 LéaJéCoy ronald36 wtfcheaters
bebelocco01 gamyakonolok leamae09090909 RonaldoCR7mama XBapaya
bebKUYA gangster189 leaoes7 ronelbringuela xDisZFFSaNz
belleza187 GANGSTERCreew LebaGamingYT RonRec XdivineFromPHxX
benbj321 gapuzan ledinhtuan12 RonynMuan xdpampam
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