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[New] Survivor News #45, Feb. 22nd

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The Landlord
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-Prime Community- 
Cheater Update

Recently, our Anti-Cheating team has discovered fewer plugins being used within RoS, please continue to help us to continue Fighting Cheaters by Reporting Them through our New Combined Anti-Cheating Form. You can often see the results of Reported Cheaters by joining the Prime Community and seeing the 'Ban of the Day' as seen below.

Special Note: The Partial Banned Survivor List, is at the bottom~
Special Note 2: For Previous Anti-Cheater Updates ---
>Please visit previous issues of Survivor News.

Original Message

Attention Survivors! We wanted to let everyone know that we are continuing to take the offensive on cheaters within Rules of Survival! It will not be tolerated. Beyond banning, we are further testing out new methods to prevent and identify cheaters/illegal gameplay before it harms your experience.

Over the past week we have found hackers to be using a modified NPK file to allow them to take unfair advantages within Rules of Survival. (This includes no-recoil, high scope, faster parachute, etc.)

The following adjustments to our anti-cheating systems have been made to compensate.

-We have reinforced the protections in place around the NPK file to prevent a modified version from being used. If it is modified in anyway, an internal mechanism will activate to identify the illegal file and player.

-We are starting to test an AI Image Recognition System to automatically identify cheating by analyzing the imagery of players' gameplay. This is still in the early stages but hope it will further protect the fair experience we wish to give to all players.

We also wish to thank the community for all their support during this time and let players know how they can help us stop cheaters.

-You may Report Survivors, Hack/Cheat Links & Files, or Submit Ban Appeals by going to our New Form at


-Please be Respectful of Moderators-
We understand many of you are frustrated with the cheating/ban issue, however it isn't fair to blame it on the moderators. They are players like yourselves that wish to help out the community as best they can and are not responsible for the current situation. They do not review ban appeals and reports of cheaters. There are dedicated NetEase Staff that review these reports.

Thank-you for your Understanding and Support!

-Rainzel's Guide ->
How to check Discord ID
Guide for checking your Discord ID -Rainzel

-RoS Prime Community-

Check the Facebook Group or Discord for Exclusive Events & RoS Info!

-New Events- 

Other In-Game Issues

1. If you are a Mobile User and experience any other in-game issues, it is best to to go "Settings" & "CS Center" and submit a support ticket (This includes issues with purchases, or lost guest accounts, however please follow the previous links for Ban Appeals).

2. If you are a PC User, please send an e-mail to and include your in-game name/ID, Server, and your issue.

-RoS Community Team

*All information is gathered from the community, through our social media channels, and our dedicated moderators.
**Picture made by Spyd3r-kun 
(Community Artist/Elite Survivor)

Partial Banned Survivors List
✧ZOÐIAC21ツ CallmeDiamond Harengsablay matTrinh123 Sampoerna5batang
✭❃mark❃✮ camau114 HaringCheat Mayhieutao sanaFormeYT123
✭KozangPalo✭ CANJA HARLEYfromYT medyogahipow SANNBOY
✮ⓅⒽ→S•t•a•r✮ Cáøˆ hau1237777 melody2 Savage™Patrick
✮ⓉⒹⒼ✮ⓇⓎⒶⓃツ Çáo⚠ HAUMBOG123 MemMory99 SayGooDbyE
✾BéTrườngHiHi carlofrom51 HậuNoob MEMORYgaming122 SaySometh1ng
✿๖ۣtaolakulabuۜ✿ CAT320L HD๖ۣۜSÉT๖ۣۜ merano0905 scohim123
✿BOOM•AlzTamago☑ cbaira123 HERNANDO17 messi1478 SEANBAKLA
✿NTN✿™†hïếuGîa ccbba111 HESOYAM Mets123 Secreeeeeeeeeeet
✿βε´ƬųαηEm cekcekcek HIREDGUN miankiller ŚĔŤŚÚŃĂŦŔŐМŶŤ
❂™❂℗℗❂™❂ chabbyword HITMAN19 MichaelfromFb SGTxxPMxx
❖︵Clan︵❖»Phước« charlez143 Hoangcanhet MickieeeTheGreat SHAKIRA09
❣❤♏ªↁ☡ℚ❤❣bob ChạyHộBốCáiii holosie Miclayerfromyt SHANK142
❥ThiếͥuGͣiͫa︵✿ cHeAtEr honda MIGUEL888 shatorgwaps
⚡๖ۣۜƤANǤASINAN⚡ CheLE HS‡LeeCorn MileaSAC shawndrelex
†⌡øew¡ñ† chetthithuiw HS‡YASUO™ MiniWorldWin shdowman1
†CrazySpy† Chick3nNiDora huns28 misskita234 sheena145
†DeathANGEL chigaithoi huongnavan MISSmALDITA Shocket๛
†PALKUPS† ChikaiiJoan huuychoivip MitchuaFromYT sieunhangao52
•×ռօքɛѧDWIGHT CHINZUKEEE Huybill mjfromyt01 siminebilmar
•JD•AZUZ chistian350 iBankoNinyo moinFromYT SirANC
•OptimusPrime• chiter17 IDEWOW143 Moonskyy sirmelvin
༒WÌÇÈ ChỉYêuMỗiEm iGOPxJAKE123 MrBeanFromYt SirNoah
༺Mega☬Max༻ ℭɦíρɦèoThanh2 IIJokerII87 MrBOOSTER SirNOAHyt
༺qυεεηkiйɠツρɾø丶༻ choY14 iipokieee mrDaSh17 SiuroCL
MaKo¥ Christran ikcijhskjf MRKumisss13 skeptec5
MBST•Koleng CHTRPh03 IMORTAL15 MrRxW skustaclee
0398053854 chubatgioiQT iMrTelamon MrSEiLA SkyKilleaa
09366175271 ChuYKoH inabako03 MR™™J™O™k™e Skysdalimit
0941986807 CiBaay inday0407 Muffin•Naturalღ SlayfromYT
09759400732 CipoTop IneedYouBaby® muiemong SMAKKing
½¤Lüƒƒÿקäm䤾 CitGaming1 iPHYxSquadxX3 MUSTANG25 Smoke301988
1༄༂HT๖SoàiLắc cjgarvida23 irish190803 myloveex13 SMPFanzZ
10GeekxFreak10 clark924 irishfromyt11 MyLoveKisYou snplove
10SaGAkAn10 Classic100 IvanMajestrado NaaPiNaaPi SoaiCaVND
123cz cocogwapo2121 IvyIyol nameCAVALIERS sOcItY
123jude123 COLLECTORS123456 iwonder22 NamKKKk SofiaPablo143
16miesha comaae123 J4nd3ss NanCYFromFB SoLoSin
1giay3phut congvpganhteam jackmu nandaFromYT™Ÿ SonGoku0404
1ND0NESIA CooKieSesh1 JACKYCHANfrCHINA NarutoKull sonnet15
200266 coongem jadoy12 NATIONALtalent8 SopaMacaco
2004272009 copepogi Jak142 NenekGayung12 SophiaNikole™
22lanoy09madar20 cresdf jakegamingliton nevergiveup100 SoPia4
2ne1 CrimzonneRED janjayron NewThangRedfoo Sornov
4KiL4h CrisLord123 JanRec14 NextSUCI SotnaS00
5565451421 cristalqtqt JaReM06 nghianguuxii Southampton
66omar66jomar cuhen1 jasperkiller46 ÑğườîÑỗiTiếňg1 SOY•TháiXjnhtraj
๖ACE✪VăŃ︵²⁰⁰² culongcong789 jawakijodta nguucasd specialtiger
๖æßԄҩ cutemiming jayjay1330 nguuen00 sphinx™gaming
๖ۣۣۜℭ丂卩卄丨几乂⁂ cvcvcvbvcbvccbvb JazonFromYT♫♫ nhatchoancuc12 spikiti
๖ۣۣۜLegends๖ۣۣۜ CYBERSTOKING JcAbella nhiasd SPTKYLENGAMING
๖ۣۜƝƘ๖King๖ۣۜ CYBERSTOKINGIII jcasio nhìnconcặt7 spykenth
๖ۣۜZͥeyeutien cεrвεrus•฿ʟᴀᴄᴋ jeamse nhk2003ha ssaakkuurraa
7elevenSoCuTr D✇RealTalK✇ jelysweet25 NHOCNHANH2000 ßill¬¶Gaming¶
85452 d3adHunGryM3 jennike07 nhomza Starngers2759
87655433 daganbay09 JERICPROYT nhuquynh0147 StupidIndividual
9876543232 DAIAS jerzkie258 nhut123z2 suat45
9du30keller9 danemiel Jesthony08 NiDOKiDplus SUBZERO100
A7xHakim01 dannywelbeck jetzkie132 NightCityfromPH sugo2018
ABRATHECHEATER2 daoben jezonfrombotalog ninarico SuicideCrusherXP
AbusayyafGroup darkevilll jhake04 NLsAUTOjr sunio1983
AcHiEl DarkSide JHARYD noahfrom SuperMan140
acilbangsat davebutalid JHONFT NOAHFROMAMBOT SUPERman54
AdorableSoo Davinci123 jhonjhon234 NoahFROMBONA SupernovaYT
adrean23 ÐЕ卩卂几匚卂Ҝ乇 jhonreyjhonr NoahFromCheater SupremePredator
adsdas121 DEATHKIID jhonroa258 noahFrommax1 susi21xs
Æ°M♔Ryx Debut2122 JhuztineFromFB NoAhFrOmYoU17 SUSING999
æGiaThinhæ decembrana jikjik100 NoahFromYT SUTAIKOxD
AF7ThemamaMuda10 delacruz jimkoy nobitskie23 svagxdsv
agentmark1 denzelcapitan jin57manis NOGNOGPOGI55 tamruoi231
AgentXpagorpor ĐéoBiếtGì❤ jino321 noiskeue143 Tanceee
AIM DeRaMaFrOmTgaS jkaj noonekillme tarigano007
aimanuel1910 DeTicTiVeXeMpAi jmmayor45 novapyx ŤàїŽїɳ☆Hãčķěř
AkYaTaP ᴅᴇᴠɪʟ•Kokoyallan jN022 nowafromjan Tegerjy4
AladinFromZc dgagon12 JoanLoveOboy noxlm TeleCânAllHihi
aldo12128 dggfdfgfh JOANNA88 NRGElite TELLIKILL15
alExanDeR123 dhfhhf joelpogi01234 NTNCUONG1 tenko
AlhoFromYT DIBDIB2461345 johnkyle187 NTNthamanh tenlegent48
AliahXandra123 ĐiệpThenEnd johnmarkpogi059 NUAHDU30 TépTrùmChợCá
alimpuyugaming DjKanen21 JOJOLXX12 nuahfrome14 TETEHcantik
alltarxgaingyt dkmthanglam JomArKAPpa №⅞ TGVuongNguyen97
alphaACE DKSkecill1 jonhol Ole123WTF TH3D1CKT4T0R6969
AlThEa17 dnLybsz

alwaysgaming DOCTORxX joshuasarmiento2 OmBenz94DUSATO TheEqUaLiZeR
amanda23 đờilàthếthôi3 jpoygwapo OMEL123 theGREATmen
AmpunCakDamai DonganPm jsimbul ONETRILLION THENINOAL122
AN948X DOngskieBurning judhea123 ongphatsong TheSeafoodKing
AnAk12 dontme081 judico2003 Onlinesssss TheSocialKiller
anakniMYGOD ⒹⓞⓢⓅⓞⓡ② juliie30 oSAMAbinLAdEN thienkhung109
AnakTitatarSunda Dracos215 jundelreas PAHIPONAMAN ThomasGaming
ANarchy DreamUser21 junelko23 Pala4444 thoy78
ANDONOLIMIT dsjakdhajsd junix12345678912 Palamigkamuna Thrasher2001
Angkillbrekerlng DsShyllie JuNixx1234567890 PaLpAK888 tienlevan712
anhasd012348 dtrreu junjun9junjun9 pananat timol123
anhcuden555 ducdz1216 juresh panGzo1 TIMUPFROMYT
anhlaukave DUDZ1234 justin2233 PANTYdroppers tippsyfrombaler
AnhVanBiet001 DuffelGanger21 JUSTONE23 paolo™ titangel01
anjingliar123 dukotsakaldero1 JφS⊹KingsMan paopao06 TiTANN
antahlahg dungdao2005 Kµ———Em PaPaLoRd titipuke321
aopgankk12 duongch k1ng23 PAPAtayinKITAA toandom
aopgannk123 dutertemoves143 kai2toxic PaPEbOrN tokyo01
AOWDFIADIF duy KaneCoolfromyt paraka420 tomay3
archerFROMyt Duyen123 karatikid123 Parok21 tony1989
arde09197 duyzz22 karnibal567 PaRtZqOe TooEzForme
AriantoHasiolan dwaynej05 katamakKagTae PARZIVAL30 tooH0T56
arwin dynnjhetz kawna143 patisangsarap tooHOT21
aryat17 DyosangFromFb keda15 patrickALEGRE Top1Rules2019p
asamoasako earl09omedes KENNETHPOGI555 peath Top2GamingYt
asasdfra easyanthony123 KEPARATerhormat pepayxd123 TOPERMAN11
asd524awd73 edtroy gwapo KeSatNHan pepeNGagimat TPG•crown
ASINFROMYT123 ᴱᴳᴳ•мυнαмαⓓツ khanglampro22 PepsGaming TPxRuzieL
astra00 eLGalihFT75 khanhbxlc123 PesitoFromYT tr56
AuDrEiGaMiNg ʚLinhɞ⁀ᶦᵈᵒᶫS khatleenlove phongluucong7487 TreserGang21
Austria654 eliseogwapo khen12345 phua33021 TripEZ™
avila em khhgh phucphothan TripTayo
ayyunghininga079 emanduran khoadaigia999 PhZensei tristanyt20
âyzekhơmon EmeMalemnaFromYT Killer1234556789 PIONEER03 TrOaiNhon
azri1234 emnexxx killerbond09 PISTOL88 TromChoPRio
azucena1000 EMPIREKaRl Killerluigie21 PK32005 TrongNina
BABYCHONA17 EmsaGheimer killerpro28 PLAYTAE TrOpEaK500
babygian emzkie1234 KillerSỢVỢ plaza091 ⓉⓇⓊⒺ▪★♛♣cOlOrS★♛
Babygurl113 ensad Killer™Yokaii™ pogimo06 ⓣⓢⓐ•Reden™
backman34 erTSul78 killkillkita pokssssssyyy TTŇiէøɾү
BackYT erush27 KingKlong1st polung08 TTNSON
Badboy9xx estao14 kingloveate21 popgaga Tukoyumi
BadTrip1 evan18badilla kinglucifer23 PosDAk187 tumales90
bambo111 EVOS•Captain Kisoai PPERSIBB TWICELOVER
bancaiclmm ExB komododragon25 Prangesto TxtXTxtX1245
bangpane exbi12345 korikong03 Prince2818 ™andrade™
banhradiem EXKANTOT krisha PROGaming02 ™AtChUp™
Basic01 Expert1223 Kukos psdaadaa ™BoKsKie™14
batkaKKS EzKiller KULAFU PThunder ™bonzkisniper™
BattlefieldPH™ fafaBoyet KULALA458 PuKiMu ™deaththekid™
bayko11 FarelFromGG kulot67787 Purposeful13 ™degrano™
BaYM4X felipefromCT kuyaGAB putekcancer0031 ™DikaXcrew
beamaganda FERNANDO™POE kuyamoakogagokb PuxxyEater ™duc—™
BEATTA fetmeigtiithi kUyAwAgPo quandoitao ™GoTOFromYT™
BegatTeam27 FIGHTERkriminal kuyaYALU QuEeNrU5S3R ™ian™joseph
Bembem028 FirmanNst1 Ⓛ¡ΝⓀ➢฿0ⓀệệP QueenTyche ™kurtmelvin™
Bemzkie26 force110 laBmiT QueNa2k5 ™manalilipanti
BeNaJaminn Forevermore23 ladimb quyngao112 ™Myst•ŬêêβZzRUSH
bengszx ForTheWinnn30 lagvn123 quyvonehihi ™PanochaOpen™
benhoy123 FourGodsHunter Lạiphảigánhteam qweeeerrrrr ™patindol™loyd™
bernabulbilin123 ƒòÝ LAMEON11 R☭o✲d㊛e㊣l ™PETMAR™
bestMinecraft france1717 lamiaoii Rå¥Gå₥ïñg¥༒ ™ROB™
BIGhirofromYT FrEeNdLeE LAWLAW20 racobodoysprt2 ™SailanG™
binh2911 frengki1 lawlaw211 raffykiller278 ™SANTA™CRUZ™
binhbopr78 FriendShipYT LearnTofÜk ragingcholo ™Slow™Migow™
blackempire2019 Fusion•GanjA Lelengs11 rakanFromYT ™TanTeGiRaNG™¤™
BlackSide FvCKALIBOG lengacon ramilAngelo ™totogwapo™
blacksstarr fvckyoumon Lhestre randyfromy ™W1LL1™
blazerup2 ƒαιтн♥нσρ乇ɦɛǟʀȶ lia5 rastawizkhalifa ™Xbutagpo™
ⒷⓁⒼⓉⓈJMrkツ G1RồngĐen Linhvip raykiller ™Yourcrazy™
Bobiles08FromYT gab2741 LISLYJEAN123 raymar143 Ucangkiller69
BobLeeSwagerツ galaxyjaffy123 lkjy7glkjy ⓇⒷelo™ UCokSAkaw11
bobo GalaxyRocky llALMIEll rbgwapo14 uiiigokjogfjipo
BOBOBOBO19 gAnDarA longffq reca12345 uselesser
bobomo0008 Gấu❦Baby﹏ღss lonmaybu123 ۣۜℜeͥҜeͣrͫCђeeҜy VARGAS
BOBONYO123 GEL LordManyak RendyGacoer venjo021
bobugat94 GembelElite04 lordwenzz repsol05 VG0963
BốCuKhói Generalao17 LordZeroYT reweqrw VgunzGanteng
BộĐộiĐặcChủng GensoCuk lorence123yawa REXPHBH vicalatao147
bodonggwaps1090 GEOGRAPHY love027 reynmarion2018 vietnampepsico
bogards11 George2108 lovecom reysalie23 ᴠɪɢɪʟᴀɴᴛᴇ✪Marlie
bogoy431 GeorGeForius lOySi25 RidhoGanteng123 Vina1000
BốKimĐèShiftミ gepigapogi LuciferTrader RiLeAmmonTanjay vincalfromph12
BOLOKKABA gerald54321 lumantas ringz431 vip8xscope12
bốmàykohk gerilla2018 LưuTinh39 RIOTHONG89 VIPKenDz
bonzkisniper geηesιs•NOOBKAYO LýSưHíy RipAceJHUN vktaolaquynh
BoOogZ16 GGHajiTIKTOK MabagYT23 Rispitado19 vncheatter¾
BOSden GGWPCatEye Mackiefromyt RNGßLiGe voLy13
boskitapramis ghostrider3312 madkilla123 Rob3Rt vonvon143
Bossese123 GiangAChay mahal143 ROCHELLE vudeptrai2
botkosaros GiapLuanBg mahindredos10 rodrigo27008 wachelili123
BoxxROD gilbert majika131214 roldan147896325 waloy2k987
BoyBoyplaysYT GINXPLAYS makasoii RoMaxx wangu
boyet1245 girlbir MakaTapak ROMELSKIE warningtokillme
BOYPAROK123 GOBAMX MANGINASAL66 ronloy2019 watasph
boytaz GOD


MansKiller RonnelNegro waterman11
BraveSTONEEE GODStaff123 mantawel28 ronsky12 WawaFromPh
bronzeFrOmTV Goek12 marchivie ⓇⓄⓈ☯ⒼⒶⓂⒺⓇ weldan123
brylZkie goodCiken mardinthegwapo12 ROS✓LãoĐại wengk369
buboy013 GOX3TAI maria0469 RPSokolova wewewewewedasda
BudakBaek™ goXquitROS mariloujane22 rubenhood WhatTAMOVES
buknoy2018 GrAndChoZxC MARIOslaludiben rudgaming WhatWrongs
búlồnthiênhạD GraysonZayn30 markandro26 rulesofvincent WildInstinct
buloy85 GRFAW maRkDel123 RvNumsss46 WILMARPOGI
Bungimo guga123 markhen56 S2BacYDS2 winnerz100
buyug429 gwaponigart markj27 S4nGB4AN wisleee
džÐ√Jhonmarcª gwapoolo markjohnlove sad11sad WOLFPACK25
c9gg haaaaaayyyyy MARLBORO45532 SaHyun Woryybear
cabz144 HaCkErSyT marlon saladboys wotwot™
CAcantho5 Hannah008 martinvsevo123 salbahe024 WTFROS2
cailonhoitanh haobinhan381 MấtMũRồi saliza Xander
cailozheo haom5 MATR SALMANDERPH xanderzzxx
CållMëBàby HappyROSWorld Matrixhuy1 samatsuchii xạthủhuyềnthoại1

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