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[New] EU Cup Area 43 Registration Rematch

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[New] Rematch: RGS EU Cup Area 43 —— Registration

Greeting Survivors,

Rules of Survival Global Series(RGS) is coming! Build a team with your trusted companions and become thetop-tier contestant representing your region. Top 10 teams will get World Championship Points and RGS Official Committee will calculate the total points from previous RGS seasons beforethe start of World Championship

We’re excited to share with you thenewly updated RGS EU Cup Area 43.

EU Cup Area 43 will comprise of 3 weeks tournament with the total prize pool of USD $40,000. Mark the dates, showcase your skills andfight for the title of championship!

Please read through the following Ruleset carefully and thoroughly.

1. Sign-up Qualification
1-1. Sign-up must be completed via Rules of Survival in-gameregistration feature in the Contests menu

1-2. Participants must sign up as a team of 4 members and assign a teamleader to register for the team. Team leader should to add a substitute player every week

1-3. 1 substitute player must beadded 48 hours prior to the start of the first game every week. Late submissionis not allowed and will be dismissed accordingly

1-4. Participants must be atleast 16 years of age at his or her country of residence before last day of registration to participate

1-5. Team leader must be legal resident of their country and region. Please ensure team leaders registered inyour team meet the aforesaid age and nationality requirement, or he or she willbe disqualified from the competition. Any prize money won will be forfeitedwith no exception

Registration begins on Thursday, February 28th and ends on Friday, March 7th (UTC+0). Team leaders are expected to sign-up viaRules of Survival mobile client at their earliest convenience

1-6. No employees of NetEase Interactive Entertainment Limited, other associated companies, and their respective parents, subsidiaries or affiliates should participate the tournament. Nor should they ask for your game accountinformation or make charges in any way

1-7. The information you submit for the registration will only be used for contact, examination of eligibility, administration affairs and identityverification. For any purposes related to payment fulfillment and furtheridentity verification, RGS Official Committee may reach out to team leader andto collect further personal and bank information (inclusive but not limit to ID information) at specific phases of the competition

1-8. Please ensure all the information entered for the registration is correct, especially team leader’s email address. Providing a valid emailaddress is crucial as it will act as the main contact channel. RGS OfficialCommittee will inform team leader of future match schedule and modified rulesvia email and your response is highly anticipated to confirm team’s presence

1-9. Be sure to whitelist officialemail address to the list ofsafe senders. Emails from RGS Official Committee will be more like to getthrough in a timely manner

1-10. Please note that a confirmation email will be sent to team leaderonce the registration is done

1-11. Participants are only allowed to join 1 team throughout thetournament

1-12. Participants who have advancing to Final need to coordinate withannounced schedule and other related arrangements addressed by RGS OfficialCommittee

1-13. Each participating team can only be owned by 1 unique company or managing team. Teams are not to have common shareholder to avoidconflict of interests and other potential problems

1-14. Team can withdraw at anytime of the competition by contacting RGS Official Committee via Please note aconfirmation email of withdrawal will be sent to team leader accordingly

2. Prize Pool
2-1. Total prize pool for EU Cup Area 43is USD $40,000.The full prize breakdown is as follows:

Team  Rank
Prize (USD)

2-2. To receive prize money via wiring transfer, team leader must submit correct personal and bank information and cooperate with RGS Official Committee within the requested time frame

2-3. Participants must finish all pre-scheduled matches announced byorganizer

2-4. Any prize money awarded to participants shall be inclusive of all applicable taxes, VAT, withholding tax, surcharges, bank charges, service fees and any other expenses of similar nature

2-5. Participants who are eligible for any prize money should be solelyresponsible for all payment occurred from any authorities within jurisdictionin compliance with applicable laws and regulations

2-6. The prize money is excepted to be processed within 90 days oncethe personal and bank information has been received and confirmed by RGS Official Committee

2-7. Team leaders are held solely accountable for distributing theprize money to their fellow team members at their earliest convenience once thewire transfer is complete

3. Team Restriction
3-1. Team owner can not hold multiple teams in this competition

3-2. Team name and logo must be unique and must not infringe on existing copyrights or trademarks

3-3. If team is sponsored by any third parties, it must be legal andapproved by RGS Official Committee prior to team’s acceptance into thetournament

3-4. 4 starting players and 1 substitute player are allowed to takepart from Group Phase. Teams must notifyRGS Official Committee which 4 players are considered “starting” and which isconsidered “substitute”

3-5. Team name must be in English, numbers and English alphabet from Ato Z only, any other special characters and symbols are strictly forbidden

3-6. Team name can not be identical to any specific terminology used ingames

3-7. RGS Official Committee has the right to approve or deny team namesbased on legal or ethical grounds

3-8. Every team must submit to RGS Official Committee a tri-code fortheir team, consisting of 3 (no less than two) alphanumeric English characters.This tricode must be unique to the team in the pool of teams competing, and maynot be change during the course of the tournament

3-9. In the event that two or more teams submitting duplicate tricodes,RGS Official Committee will choose which team will receive requested tricode,and assign new tricodes to the others

3-10. Team Tricodes must be used by players for all official matches

3-11. Player name can’t be identical to any specific terminology usedin games, RGS Official Committee has the right to approve or deny in game namesbased on legal or ethical grounds

3-12. Player name, including spelling and substitution of letters andnumber, must remain the same throughout the course of tournament, and may onlybe changed with the written approval of RGS Official Committee

3-13. Requests to name change must be received by RGS OfficialCommittee no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the next upcoming game featuring player’s team, and must be sent by team leader

4. Device Requirement
4-1. In any RGS official tournaments, participants must use devicesthat are approved by RGS Official Committee

4-2. RGS Official Committee reserves the right to request, at any time,any player to record tournament play via a webcam or other video recordingdevice, and present to RGS Official Committee relevant footage, in order toensure competitive integrity

4-3. Request for video recording must be received by player’s team nolater than 48 hours prior to the start of the next upcoming game

4-4. In the event that player does not possess sufficient recordingequipment, player’s team will be responsible for providing said equipment in atimely manner  

4-5. If participants use any unauthorized device such as but not limitto mouse, keyboard and other similar handheld supporting tools to gain unfair advantage, RGS Official Committee may reserve the right to terminate theirqualification and such behavior will be seen as forfeit for any prize rewards

5. Participant Conduct
5-1. If any participants breach the Rules of Survival User Agreement while in tournament or benefit themselves from using any unauthorized plugins addressed by RGS Official Committee to gain any unfair advantage, RGS Official Committee has the authority to disqualify, suspend, banthat specific player or the entire team. RGS Official Committee has theultimate say that determines the severity of punishments

5-2. No participants or RGS Official Committee should involve themselves, be it directly or indirectly with any form of betting andgambling from Rules of Survival Global Series

5-3. RGS Official Committee reserves the right to denyparticipation to any team found to be in violation of stated restrictions, or to fine said team a percentage of tournament winnings, or to issue a warning tosaid team, based on the severity of violations

5-4. Teams found to be in violation of statedrestrictions must comply with any and all RGS Official Committee rulings andtake immediate action to remedy violations in order to continue participationin tournament

6. Schedule
For March 9th, Saturday and March 10th, Sunday, all 4 registered players within the team need to participate in Squad Ranked game in Ghillie Island with TPS mode only to obtain Rank Points for both days

If a team participates in multiple matches within one day, the highest Rank Points from the best 2 matches will be recorded and calculated as result for that particular day. Top 32 teams will advance to the next phase based on their total points accumulated throughout Qualifier Phase


The equation of how the Rank Point is calculated:
(Ranking Score per match + Kills Score per match) x Average Coefficient of your team

Tier Coefficient is only applicable within Qualifier Phase. Your Coefficient ratio is based on your tier at the time whenregistration ends

Rules of Survival mobile client has the real-timeranking leaderboard built-in within Contest menu. It runs on a 60 second updatecycle and will be used as the final metric to determine every team’s placement

EU Qualifier Phase

00:00 am, 2/28 - 00:00 am, 3/7 (UTC+0)
12:00 pm - 12:00 am, 3/9-3/10 (UTC+0)

EU Group Phase
Week 1

A vs C
March 16, 6:00PM ~ 8:30PM (UTC+2)
A vs D
March 16, 8:30PM ~ 11:00PM (UTC+2)
B vs C
March 17, 6:00PM ~ 8:30PM (UTC+2)
B vs D
March 17, 8:30PM ~ 11:00PM (UTC+2)

32 teams are splitinto 4 groups, competing in 3 Squad matches. A (8 teams), B (8 teams), C (8teams), and D(8teams). And there will be 1 more invited team in this phase, which will be divided into a group randomly. Groups participate in 3 Squad matchesin custom

·        Add or replace 1 substitute no later than 48 hours prior to the start of Week 1

EU Group Phase
Week 2

A vs C
March 23, 6:00PM ~ 8:30PM (UTC+2)
B vs C
March 23, 8:30PM ~ 11:00PM (UTC+2)
A vs D
March 24, 6:00PM ~ 8:30PM (UTC+2)
B vs D
March 24, 8:30PM ~ 11:00PM (UTC+2)

Grouping is the same from previous week. 33 teams are competing in 3 Squad matches. Groupsparticipate in 3 Squad matches in custom

Top 9 teams from group phase will advance to EU Final.Remaining best 15 teams will advance to Revive Fight

Required Submission:
·        Add or replace 1 substitute no laterthan 48 hours prior to the start of Week 2

EU Revival & Final
Week 3

Revive Fight
March 30, 6:00PM ~ 10:30PM (UTC+2)
March 31, 6:00PM ~ 10:30PM (UTC+2)

EU Revive Fight: 15 teams are competing in 5 Squadmatches in custom. Top 6 out of the 15 teams will advance to EU Final

EUCup Final Area 43: 15 teams will fight against each other in the ultimateshowdown. A champion will becrowned after 5 Squad matches

Required Submission:
·        Add or replace 1substitute no later than 48 hours prior to the start of Week 3
·        Provide teamlogo to RGS Official Committee
·        Submit allparticipant’s personal information to RGS Official Committee
·        All participantsare requested to record tournament play to ensure competitive integrity

7. World Championship Point
Top 10 teams without the invited team will receive additional World Championship Points basedon their final ranking throughout the tournament.

Furtherdetails are as follow:

8. Tournament Format
8-1. Any single match will be set with regular game setting. A total of 15 teams with 4 members within each team.All 15 teams will compete till the final survivor is determined

8-2. Unless specially addressed byofficial announcement, each day’s competition should contain 3 mixed matches

8-3. Unlessspecially addressed by official announcement, each day’s competition shouldstart at 6:00PM (UTC+2)

9. Scoring Rule
Any given team’s game result is calculated by thesum of Rank Points and Kill Points per opponent killed

Further details are as follow:

9-1. RGS Official Committee will ensure game playstability as best to their ability during competition. However, the risk of encountering unexpected glitches or game crashes may still exist. If anyunexpected circumstances occur, RGS Official Committee may reserve the right toperform necessary actions

9-2. RGS Official Committee may consider compensating participant with his average or standard score whichever is higher for whoever encountering unexpected glitches or game crashes. Participants aresuggested to proactively reach out to RGS Official Committee with supportingevidences at their earliest convenience

9-3. Any intended actions of abuse of section 9will be equally treated as violating Participant Conduct, with malicious intentto gain unfair advantage

9-4. If one-third of all the participating teamsor more than 20 players are affected from a match due to glitches or gamecrashes, RGS Official Committee reserves the right to call a rematch or offercompensation. However, the match must go on if otherwise stated

9-5. RGS Official Committee is responsible ofrecording and sharing the end results of all match history

10. Spirit of the Rules
10-1. All decisions especially with regards to interpretation of anyregulations, player eligibility, scheduling, staging of the RGS OfficialCommittee, and penalties for misconduct, lie solely with the RGS OfficialCommittee

10-2. RGS Official committee’s decision with respect to all the rulesand regulations cannot be appealed and shall not give rise to any claim formonetary damages or any other legal or equitable remedy

10-3. All the given rules and regulations are subjected tomodifications at RGS Official Committee’s ease to obtain the best interest offair play and the integrity of the RGS Official Committee

10-4. RGS official committee at all times may act as the necessaryauthority to preserve the best interests of the Rules of Survival GlobalSeries. This power is not constrained by the lack of any specific languages inthis document

10-5. RGS Official Committee may use any forms of punitive actions attheir disposal against any entity whose conduct is not within the confines ofthe best interests of the Rules of Survival Global Series

10-6. Teams are expected to play at their best at all times and toavoid any behavior inconsistent with the principles of good sportsmanship,honesty, or fair play.


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