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I'm returning for my account for recover

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The Landlord
Post time 2019-9-9 04:04:15 From the mobile phone | Show the author posts only Reply Awards |Descending |Read mode
Why banned my account?  im not cheater... maybe because of the pc i used there's a cheat!!  but i did not hack how do i get my account again a lot of wasted of vip gun/car(supernova mp7sakura thompson ultrasonic m14EBRicewyrm m4A1devilz eyes lvl2AR15soulseeker rainbow hammer) full set of fist of fury a lot of legendary dress. I'm just a sensible player of your game i want to play ros again again and again

please support my post plss its been a month ago please rules of survival community

        Thankz admin

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The Sofa
Post time 2019-9-11 08:51:39 | Show the author posts only
Hello melilojeu_bas@y

  Accounts are temporarily suspended as an automatic precautionary measure when the anti-cheat system detects unusual account activity. In such cases, accounts will be manually investigated and moderating measures undertaken accordingly. If suspicious account activity is discovered, the account will be permanently suspended in order to maintain a fair gaming environment for all players to enjoy. Otherwise, the account suspension will automatically be lifted after the specified duration.

If you think you got mistakenly banned(Permanently/30 Days), kindly submit your ban appeal at
Link here:

Reminder, banned users for 3-10 Days aren't eligible for Ban Appeals so we ask to patiently wait until your suspension lifted.
Kindly read: ... &extra=page%3D1

Be advised that this matter should be discussed privately with the RoS staff and not in public topics: please refrain from creating similar topics and posts in the future. Repeated failure to abide by this warning will be considered as trolling and we will therefore be forced to act accordingly, resulting in moderating measures being undertaken.

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