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please recovery my account im not a cheaterr

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In-Game Name: ⒹⒺⓉⓄⓊⓇ→·Vincent※
Player ID: 107149489
Server: PC-Asia
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In-Game Name:        ⒹⒺⓉⓄⓊⓇ→·Vincent※
Player ID:        107149489
Server:        PC-Asia
Date of ban:        2020-02-08
it was not fair banning me without knowing if i was cheating or not. because i was not cheating that day iam vip 5 and i killed squad team after few seconds my account was banned permanently that was mistake and i want my account back please do something i almost have all skins i cant let you do this to me unban my account study my case u wont find that i was cheating that day. ill wait for your reply this is not fair please i cant just get banned permanently by reporting me without knowing i was cheating if your system is fair im sure you'll find me not cheating i always buy diamonds and i cant lose my account it means lot to me unban me please thank you and have great day Ros support
hello i sent a message before. i want to know u that i'm playing in cyber cafe and many people playing when i played a game i killed squad team and i find my account was banned permanently that was mistake you made please study my case i wasn't cheating with that i'm vip5
And I bought the diamond in all monthly offers
i killed squad team after few seconds i got banned parmanently hack esp!
i was not cheating why did i get banned! ros support unban my account please
im Vip 5 and ill wait for your reply and for my account back thank you
i know the cost of hacking it cost you your account forever!
i bought a lots of diamonds and i got lots of skins and i love this game so much i really hope that you understand my situation i did not cheat in this game i use a public computer that day i forget to clear my login data there was a kid who tried to use my account and he cheated i swear a god that this is the true story i really hope that you will forgive me its only a misunderstanding i love this game and i always try to make it better unban my account im attempting to play this game every day and ill do my best to make it better for helping you ban every hacker thank you so much for your time
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